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I am back with some good news: we have got another purse friendly brand that will allow us to shop basically guilt free!

As if the Tam Beauty family was not big enough, the mak up obsessed mind behind the brand (Mr Make up Adam Minto) has provided us with a new make up range, Revolution Pro.

If you are familiar with the Tam Beauty brands, you will notice that Revolution pro has a lot of products in common with the Freedom makeup brand, that is currently on sale on the website and in Superdrug, so it may be that what we have here is a kind of upgrade of an existing range.

All the products are supposed to be of outstanding quality, with high pigmentation, shade variety and final effect.

As soon as the Revolution Pro was available on Tam Beauty I placed an order but I must admit the online swatches of concealers and foundations are not the best so I ended up with the completely wrong shades.

Thanks God the brand is now available in Superdrug stores so I managed to go there and try everything to find my right match.

Here is what I have got and my first impressions regarding the products.

Revolution Pro full Coverage Camouflage Foundation £7

If you like the L'Oreal infallible total cover foundation you are gonna like this (and you are gonna save £3!).

It's incredibly thick and the coverage is insane. I have used Real Techniques multitask brush and wet beauty blender to apply it and in both cases it blends nicely with a matte effect.
I won't deny though that it was a real struggle to find the right shade for me.
I am mac nc30, I have a yellow undertone but my skin is not that dark and what I noticed is that the shades available, that are a lot, have mainly pink undertones in the fair shades range.
To have a decent yellow undertone I had to look for the darker shades.
I went in and out the shop with foundations all over my jawline and neck to try to find a good match and it looks like the F8 is the one.

Revolution Pro Full Coverage camouflage Concealer £5

This is the products I was really curious to try...and the one I got completely wrong on my online order.
Once again, I struggled to find my right shade without that pink undertone so if you are looking to buy this or the foundation I strongly advise to go in stores and try the different shades instead of getting it online.
I got C9 (top) at first and then C10 (bottom).
You can see on the picture how different the undertone is. 

Despite the troubles in finding the right shades, I am now obsessed with this concealer.
I have never seen anything so full coverage.
used over an orange concealer it makes my dark under eye areas completely disappears.
This concealer used with the foundation is like having a real life filter onto your face.

I have used this concealer as an eyeshadow base to cut crease and it works perfectly, without creasing or fading.

I actually can't believe it is only £5!

Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment £4

You can't have a make up range without a liquid matte lipstick.
I am not a fan of the Makeup Revolution liquid lipsticks, they dry out my lips and peels all over.
Thanks God this is not the case.

These lipsticks are so comfortable to wear and they last hours and hours without peeling and the colours stay vivid and even. Well done on this one guys!

I got two shades, Spiritual and Semblance, a wonderful bright red and.... a mauve pink but  swatched some other shades in store and I have got the feeling some new shades will follow soon.

Revolution Pro Supreme Lipstick £5 in Tyrant

The renaissance range from Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite, well, these are even better.
I swatched nearly all the shades and all of them are incredibly pigmented and intense.
I was looking for a matte nude shade so I got this but some of the reds are screaming my name..

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops £7

This range has an incredible variety for a perfect base so here is another foundation.
It comes in a glass bottle with a droppler and it's much more fluid than the Camouflage one.
I picked up shade F10 and it's spot on.
If you like a buildable coverage with a light texture this is the foundation you want to get.
I have used it twice now and so far so good, it lasted all day with no need of touch ups, not even on my oily t zone.

Revolution Pro Supreme Eyeshadow Palette Bewitch £6

This palette made me wowwww.

How can it be that such a great quality palette is only £6?
I have never had a palette where every single shade is so pigmented.
All the shadows have a soft buttery consistency with minimum fall out.
Have a look at the swatches: these were obtained by a single and not particularly strong swipe of a finger, I literally just touched the powders.
I am in love.

Revolution Pro Eyeshadow Refills Pack Glisten Here

Glitters have made a big come back in make up this year.
These are meant to be assembled in the empty magnet palettes available to buy.

The glitter has a cream consistency and I am sure these will do a wonderful job if applied in a spotlight look.
i have to be honest, I though these were more metal foiled shadows than glitters, my mistake.
Don't get me wrong, each pan swatches wonderfully but I really do not use glitter at all so it's a miss for me.

If there is something tempting you I would recommend you to go and buy it now because at the moment Superdrug has a 3x2 offer on all make up and products are flying off the shelves!

Click HERE for Tam Beauty and HERE for Superdrug.

Hope you enjoyed the post, have a nice week end you all!

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