Sunday, 22 October 2017


Hello Beautiful!

Do you know those Sundays spent on the sofa buried under a soft blanket, playing with your phone and "casually" finding yourself doing some totally non necessary online shopping?

Well, thanks to one of those days I ended up on ebay, buying a set of liquid lipsticks from an unknow brand.

Ever heard about Pudaier? No problem if you didn't, I am here for you now.

I spotted some lipstiks in THIS You Tube video from Dyna MUA (if you don't follow her, clik that subscribe button now, cos she is the Queen of online cheap make up shopping!).

It's basically a very cheap chinese brand, quite popular on the web for its liquid lipsticks.
I couldn't find an official website, but you will find plenty of sellers and products on Ebay, Wish and Aliexpress.

I got eight liquid matte lipsticks for £1.50 each from this seller.
It took about a week to receive my parcel that was nicely packed with a lot of bubble wrap.

I did choose a selection of reds, nudes and pinks, the joy of such a cheap price isn't it?

Now, before showing you the swatches I will give you my review about these lipsticks.

First of all, I really like the packaging: it is quite simple but I love the applicator, it's soft and dense and allows an even layer of the cream on the lips.

All the shades are very creamy and shiny as soon as theyb are applied and they stay creamy for few minutes, so I appreciate the fact you have a bit of time to really work with the product and eventually adjust any mistake, it's not one of those liquid lipsticks that dry out as soon as they touches the lips.

To the swatches now!

I picked up shades number 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 13.

Here, from left to right, you can see:

2  Nude pink

3 Brownish pink

4 Pumpkin Orange

5 Coral Red

In this last pictures we have got:

6 Deep red

7 Bright pink

9 Dark mauve

13 Intense Red cherry

Overall, I really like these lipsticks.
They are great for the price and if you want to start to play with different shades and experiment with liquid matte textures, why not, give these a go!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I will write to you soon.

Remember you can find me on Instagram for daily updates, reviews and swatches.

Have a great week end!

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