Sunday, 22 October 2017


Hello Beautiful!

Do you know those Sundays spent on the sofa buried under a soft blanket, playing with your phone and "casually" finding yourself doing some totally non necessary online shopping?

Well, thanks to one of those days I ended up on ebay, buying a set of liquid lipsticks from an unknow brand.

Ever heard about Pudaier? No problem if you didn't, I am here for you now.

I spotted some lipstiks in THIS You Tube video from Dyna MUA (if you don't follow her, clik that subscribe button now, cos she is the Queen of online cheap make up shopping!).

It's basically a very cheap chinese brand, quite popular on the web for its liquid lipsticks.
I couldn't find an official website, but you will find plenty of sellers and products on Ebay, Wish and Aliexpress.

I got eight liquid matte lipsticks for £1.50 each from this seller.
It took about a week to receive my parcel that was nicely packed with a lot of bubble wrap.

I did choose a selection of reds, nudes and pinks, the joy of such a cheap price isn't it?

Now, before showing you the swatches I will give you my review about these lipsticks.

First of all, I really like the packaging: it is quite simple but I love the applicator, it's soft and dense and allows an even layer of the cream on the lips.

All the shades are very creamy and shiny as soon as theyb are applied and they stay creamy for few minutes, so I appreciate the fact you have a bit of time to really work with the product and eventually adjust any mistake, it's not one of those liquid lipsticks that dry out as soon as they touches the lips.

To the swatches now!

I picked up shades number 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 13.

Here, from left to right, you can see:

2  Nude pink

3 Brownish pink

4 Pumpkin Orange

5 Coral Red

In this last pictures we have got:

6 Deep red

7 Bright pink

9 Dark mauve

13 Intense Red cherry

Overall, I really like these lipsticks.
They are great for the price and if you want to start to play with different shades and experiment with liquid matte textures, why not, give these a go!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I will write to you soon.

Remember you can find me on Instagram for daily updates, reviews and swatches.

Have a great week end!

Monday, 2 October 2017


It all started with the first Urban Decay Naked palette.

Until then, I wasn't a big lover of naked, nude, natural make up, not at all.

Then, I slowly fell in love with the sculpted look natural shadows can give you and now I a point where I can't resist a soft warm tones palette.

When Nip=Fab make up range came out, I was very tempted to buy the entire stand.

It is a range created to enhance facial features, to correct and work on a natural complexion, products for a flawless base and defined sculpted look.

 Winning products: the Colour Correcting range with all the different coloured concealers, the Foundations shade range (I always appreciate brands that offer wider ranges) and the fact that there are Light and Dark Mixers to adjust and costumize them.

The tones of lipsticks and eyeshadows are all on the brown, caramel, soft beige tones.
There is not even a red lipstick.

I must admit looks very brave decision to keep an entire make up range on the natural look side but what the hell, there are so many brands that are more concentrated in bold colours and most different shade that you can definitely choice what do you want right?

I got few bits and I took advance of a free gift with purchase so I managed to try quite a lot of stuff.

Here we go with swatches and review of all I got.

Highlight Palette Stroboscopic 01 (£9.99)

The though I already have a million of strobing products so I did not need another palette was erased as soon as I swatched this palette.
Each shade is fine, soft, with a subtle tridimensional glow.
Blends like a dream and all the 6 shades are versatile and easy to use.
I have used a fan brushes to apply the powders or a small concealer brush for the inner corner of the eyes.
Rose Gold is my fave shade.
Find it here.

Travel Palette 02 Medium
The quality of this palette is so high it can compete with similar high end products.
A single swipe of brush will be enough to have a pretty intense pigmented colour.
Once again it blends nicely, especially the golden highlighter one.
Big winning point of this palette: I have used as a contour/highlighter/blush palette and it's great, then I tried it as a eyeshadows palette and it's even better!

Sunbeam in the crease, vixen on the lid and truffle on the browbone and in the inner corner and that's it, perfect eye look.

Second winning point: at the moment is on sale for only £6.57!

Brow Pencil in Chestnut

I have lost count of how many brow pencil have been thrown in the bin cos they were not the right shade.
Thanks God this was not the case and Chestnut is the perfect ashy brown for me.
The square tip is hard enough to draw little hair on the brows but soft enough to be brushed and blended for a more natural look.

As other Nip+Fab products, it is actually on sale here, for only £5 it is a bargain you can't miss.

Lip Liner 03 Fudge and Matte Liquid Lipstick in 35 Mashmallows

The star products in terms of quality are the matte liquid lipsticks.
I have tried so many brands, so many have been disappointing leaving me with dry and uncomfortable lips.
Not this case, trust me.
Once applied, the lisptick dries out leaving a soft and even texture with a long lasting effect.
This shade in particular is a soft pinkish brown and its perfect matching lip contour is this Lip Liner in 03.
This is the only product of the entire lot I did not love, it's not bad but it did not impress me, despite I love the little sharpner hidden at the bottom.

Here and here the links to buy.

Foundation n35

Buy. It. NOW.

Ahhh this foundation!
If you love full coverage, buildable foundation, you are gonna love this.
I prefer to apply it with a damb blender that a brush, I can work the coverage much better and I personally find it sets better.
Once it has been fixed with a powder it creates the perfect canvas for all my contour/strobing and lasts util the end of the day.
I amMac nc30 and i got shade 35 but it's a bit darker, so I will probably buy a light mixer or a lighter shade.

Find it here for £6.47 only!!

I am planning a quick visit to Superdrug to take advantage of the offers and maybe get more matte lipsticks, the contour palette and the eyeshadows palette.

What's on your wishlist??

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