Thursday, 15 June 2017


Hello Make Up Lovers!

How are you all doing today?
Hope you are well and ready for one of my faveourite subjects: Red Lippies!

So one of my latest post was about a wonderful italian brand thay I hope will be one day available in UK, Wycon Cosmetics.

I decided to dedicate a blog post to one of the wycon products I loved most.

Last year Wycon came out with a collection colled Cosmo Samurai that included some lip kits called "Duo Kisses" (lip pencil+liquid lipstick) that did so well they were left in the permanet collection.

I got the shade 10 furious red (love the name!) and it went straight on top of the Best Red Lippie's chart.

Reasons why I love it:

- Bright blue based red, incredibly intense andprobably one of the most vivid reds I own.

- Lip liner is soft, buttery but very precise, doesn't smudge and I can use it with my other reds.

- The liquid lisptick doesn't dry out the lips, last like FOREVER without peeling or craking.

- price is more than resonable, the duo will cost you about 10 euros.

Here are some lip swatches.

Nice isn't it?

I had a look at the website and the all new collections looks incredible, here is what I got on the wishlist (=what I am gonna buy as soon as I put foot on italian ground).

* The paradise bronze bronze from the exotica collection

*The Siria palette from the Amani collection

* The Aqua Foundation from the Androgyny collection

If you have a chance, read the story behind the Amani collection, it's beautiful and inspiring.

Talk to you soon!

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