Friday, 23 June 2017


Years ago I read somewhere on twitter that finally Physicians Formula was gonna be sold here in Uk.

I was very impatient about it and have a guess, I STILL AM cos it hasn't happened yet.

The good news is that it is now available in Italy so every time I go I make sure I pay a quick visit to the nearest counter.

Today I want to review the Youthful Wear Spotless Foundation.


This is one of those serum liquid weightless formula and promises to target spots and pigmentations giving your skin a younger aspect.


It is paraben and gluten free and it comes with a nice small synthetic brush.


The application is very easy, you just need to shake the bottle and work it with the brush until you reach the desired coverage.

I will start from the negative notes.

First: two shades only available, light and medium.

Second: I appreciate the effort but the brush is far too small for a foundation applicator, I will use it for concealer though cos it's a pretty decent brush.


Apart from those two negative aspect, I must say this is a very good product.

It blends nicely and you can really blend it for a full coverage if you like.


I have a lot of pigmentations on my cheeks and as you can see from the pictures, they have been completely covered.


The texture is very lightweight and feels very velvety on skin, I barely need setting powder after using it and lasts all day long without creasing or patching.

It has a pipette application that I absolutely love, I apply it straight on my face if I am in a rush (so 99% of time) or on the beauty blender if I have got the time to work it a bit longer onto the skin.

Overall is a very good foundation and the fact it has got a SPF 15 makes it even better.
 I have applied with and without a primer and I found out my best result was when I used it with the Physicians Formula Argan oil primer (a must have, such a fantastic base for glowing skin).

If you are lucky enough to fit into the light or medium shade (Gosh I just can't believe it, two shades only!) , I would recommend it as a good coverage every day foundation.

If you are considering buying this or any other Phyisicians Formula product, you can have a look on I Herb that ships to UK without custom fees.

Any Phyisicians Formula thing I should absolutley try? Send me ideas!


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