Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Hello Darlings!

If you have ever been to Manchester, you will know what we are surely not short of places where eat and drink.
Today I want to talk about one of these where you can find excellent food, nice athmosphere and a good variety of drinks and fancy cocktails.

Feeling a bit peckish?
Well don't read this post then cos you will be probably drooling over the first picture you see popping onto your screen.

I was invited to sample Malmaison's new menu and I was so excited about it.

I knew the place due to few bloggers event that have been held there, it's one of those super stylish  locations where you cannot put the camera down.

I went with Perfect Husband on a Saturday lunch and the place was buzzing with people enjoying lunch, few cocktails in between shopping or afternoon tea with family.

The menu has a good selection of meat, fish and vegetarians options.

I choose a very special starter an oh gosh, dear Mr Chef, you made me very happy.
I ordered Fresh Burrata, which is an italian fresh creamy cheese typical of Puglia which is, have a guess, where I am from!
Hubby had the same and he was quite pleased with it aswell.

The burrata is one of those cheese that has to be eaten fresh and I am very happy to put my seal of approval on what I tried at Malmaison cos it was delicious, served with a fresh tomato salad and herbs sauce.
It was like coming back home with a bite!

As a main I had a very generous portion of steak frites, a perfectly served rump steak served with french fries and salad.
The meat was teneder and juicy and once again, as the starters, nicely presented.

The Mr went for the fillet steak.
He always has his meat well done (crazy, I know, don't make me start) and his feedback was more than positive, it wasn't too dry or chewy.

Faveourite part finally came, yes of course I mean desserts!

I choose the warm valrhona with caramel chocolate brownie, brown butter and pecan ice cream, as if I could be able to resist anything that has chocolate and pecan!

It was pure dessert heaven, it really melt in my mouth without being anyway too sweet and the contrast in between the soft chocolate cake with the cruncy hazelnuts was perfectly balanced.

Perfect Husband went for the Valrhona chocolate pave with pistchio ice cream and green tea syrup and he liked it so much he forgot to let me try a bite.
I know, I know, he didn't forget it at all, he just wanted to eat it all.

Special mention goes to the Malmaison's very professional and nice staff, that was very helpful helping us to choose the food, explaining everything we were curious about, always with a friendly and relaxed smile.

Put this all togheter and you will find the perfct spot for your brusnches, lunches, dinner and week end celebrations!

I would recommend to have a look at the Malmaison's website to explore the menu, check the offers available and why not, book a table for this upcoming Father's day!

There is a special spring fixed price menu where you can enjoy two courses for £19.95 or three for £24.95, not bad at all for the quality of food you get, believe me.

So who is hungry now? Me, for sure.


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