Saturday, 10 June 2017


Hello Gorgeous.

I am very excited about today's post because we all love talking about a new make up brand don't we?

This brand is basically unknow in UK, it's made and sold in Italy so I really hope that after reading this post and seeing the pictures of the products, you will go on the brand's social media channels to pester them about opening shops or, at least, ship in UK!

Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you Wycon Cosmetics.

This make up brand is very well established in Italy, growing fast in terms of popularity, quality of products, distribution and innovative launches.

Wycon is sold online or in official stores, you will not find counters in beauty malls etc.

The Wycon shop will remind you a lot a Kiko one, with walls covered with lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations in every colours, texture, finish etc and central tables where the new collection and sale items are displayed.

These are, in my opinion, the winning points:

- Variety: Think about a product, a formula, a shade, Wycon will have it there for you.

- Purse friendly: We are talking about £10 for a foundation, £5 for an eyeshadows and £6 for a lipstick. Limited edition products are more expensive but they go on sale and there are always promotions going on. On top of that, there is a reward program with a fidelity card.

- New collections: With an averaged of 6 collections a year (more or less) there is always a dropping of new cosmetics

- Quality: Never been disappointed and reviews of the products are normally brilliant in between bloggers etc.

- Innovation: Some brands just follow the lead of what is trendy. Wycon keeps coming out with new products. Here is an example: the laquer cover, a shield to put on top of your finger to protect your fresh manicure. NEVER SEEN BEFORE!

Now, let me show you some pirtures and swatches of Wycon fantastic products so you understand better what we are talking about.

What do you think? Do you like what you see?

At this point there is only one thing to do left: meet me on Wycon's social medias (IG, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) to ask for UK shipping!!!!


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