Sunday, 14 May 2017


Hello Gorgeous!

How many times we have been drooling over those super glam beauty and hair salons we can find all over IG?

How many time we have looking for that something special and unique in a hairdresser appointment, only to be served with the usual blow dry that vanishes as soon as you get out of the salon, or a colour that made us regret we left the house that day?

Well good news, there is a new salon in town and it's like nothing you have seen before.

To be honest with you, calling it a hairdresser doesn't even make justice to it.

Catherine Boden is a Luxury Hair Specialist that wants to give you and your hair a unique experience.

The salon opened in December in School Road, Sale (two minutes walking distance from the Sale Metrolink station) and I was lucky enough to go and have a good look around.

The place is in one word, stunning, with all the white and marble interiors, the enormous mirrors and the enormous chandelier at the entrance.

During the launch event I had a chat with Catherine herself and all the other stylists working with her and I learned what Catherine really does.

Again, don't call her hairdresser, she is a magician!

She trademarked a special unique technique called Hollywood Colourblend.

If you look at her pictures on Facebook or Instagram you will understand better.

She uses an impressive range of colours and toners to contour your face with highlights, to reach multi toned effect, that gives the impression of thicker hair with a fuller and glossier texure.

                                              (Images Credits: Catherine Boden IG page)

Catherine is a specialist in hair transformation, if you want to go lighter this is the place you need to see.

All the different, perfectly colourblened layers are placed to make your face pop, to avoid going to the hairdresser to have the roots done every two weeks and to have a perfectly natural effect.

She will advice which shade suits your skin tone better and will make the transformation easier and again, will work (hours and hours if needed) to give you a blended and seamless effect.

If you have suffered some hair colour disasters or you want to get rid of unwanted ginger tones, she will work with all the shades possible to restore some health in your hair and give some natural colour back, thanks to her colour correction technique.

As this could get any better, she just came back from Belgium where she attended a course with the master of Hair Transormation, Mr Mounir.

As I said before, the Catherine Boden Luxury Salon is not just an Hairdresser.

Considering the treatments can take several hours, the place has been designed to offer a full range of other treatments, as microblading brows, manicure, pedicure and professional make up (red carpet, midnight diva, natural daytime).

Special mention goes to the Hair Extensions service: Catherine Boden Salon offers the Jen Atkins (Kim Kardashian's hairdresser FYI) Tape Extensions, known as the best on the market.

Are you an Hairdresser and you like what you are reading? Good news, Catherine does organise training courses, where she teaches the colourblend and most of all will give you the certificate of achievement needed to legally use the terms Hollywood colourblend and colourblend, that as said before, are her trademarks.

If you want to book an appointment for treatments or for a free consultation, here are all the contacts you need.

I am writing an email right now to book for some full head colour and olaplex...and maybe few questions about a hair transformation?

Speak to you soon, have a nice week people!


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