Monday, 29 May 2017


I have to confess something: despite being an absolute beauty addicted, I was a Kylie Cosmetics virgin.

Yes, no lip kit for me, no shadows, nothing.
I always react like that when a big trend goes all over social medias: I stay away for a bit, see if  the interest and the talk for the products fades, see what stays and then eventually I decide to try it.

Of course in this case it was a bit different cos it doesn't look like the sparkle and the glamour around eveything that is branded after Kardashian/ Jenner is going away soon but the soft tones of the highly anticipated Kim Kardashian West for Kylie Cosmetics collection really made me want to finally try something from the brand, so as soon as it went on sale I got it.

I believe it went sold out twice in few hours and at the moment it is not available on the website but I am sure there will be a third and possibly fourth restock!

So I received the kit 9paid £48) within 10 days with a bloody custom fee of £17, hate this right?

The box is a nice sturdy soft pink case with a handwritten (ah ah yes, sure, I totally believe it is handwritten form Kim, sure)  note with a hint there will be more upcoming products from this collection.

The lipsticks have a opaque case with pink lid and a very comfortable to use doe foot applicator.

These are creme liquid lipstick.

It means that the formula is a creamy, soft, intense gloss, the consistency is soft and not sticky
No mattes, no metallics, just creamy formulas.

There are 4 shades in the box, all named after Kim herself.

From top to bottom:

Kimberly  soft beige
Kim  peachy nude
Kiki  pinky nude
Kimmie  darkest pinky peach

Let's go with  lips swatches:





So what do you think?

Yes, I totally agree with you: they bloody look all the same!

I mean, if you look at the swatches, one next to the other, you can spot the difference but on lips, well, they could be the same lipstick.

The only one that may be noticed a bit more is Kimmie, that no need to say, it's my favourite.

I just don't get the sense of this entire collection.
I don't get the sense of 4 incredibly similar shades, i don't understand why all the 4 lip products have the same texture.
It could have been a better collection with 2 cream lipsticks and two matte ones, or maybe a metallic one, as for example you can find in the Koko collections (I so regret I bought this and not the Koko's one!).

The lipsticks are not even that good, application is messy, not even and they do not last more than half an hour if you are having a conversation. Do not even mention food or even a glass of water, they will be gone on the first sip.

Overall this looks to me as a case of "put KKW on whatever you can think of, people will buy it anyway" and for my experience it has been a complete failure.

Not worhty custom fee, not worthy the money, not worthy to be remembered at all.


Monday, 22 May 2017


Hands up if you fancy a new stylish and original wardrobe.

I do and the more I browse the high streets, the more I see the same trends and style repeated.

Is it just my opinion or the majority of shops are basically copying each other?

The more I look around, the more I feel a loss of original ideas, pieces and styles.

That's why I was happy to be invited to the Pinko Fashion event held in Harvey Nichols Manchester few weeks ago, I really wanted to explore more brands then the usual Zara, Mango, H&M etc.

I had a good feeling about it and I was damn right, I found myself surrounded by a breathe of fresh fashion air.

Pinko is an incredibly established and famous indipendent brand in Italy.

I remember saving money for nice jeans and shirts when I was in high school and I am very pleased to see it is doing so well in UK aswell and to find a concession in Harvey Nichols here!

Pinko releases two main collections a year, plus constant droppings of new pieces throughout the year.

The event was focused on the new Spring Summer releases and the models were showing different looks created and explained by the stylists.

It's easy to see why Pinko is so successful.

Despite the brand is keeping the pace with all the new trends as the bold colours, the prints, the lace etc, it does it in a very unique way that really brings something different on the table.

I mean, no copycat all the same clothes here, but much personality you can dress up or down mixing accessories and really personalizing on outfit as you prefer.

You can choose a full bold look or just have one strong piece and keep the rest toned down.

My fave piece were this yellow tweed jacket and the bags, basically all of them.

The Pinko website and social medias will give you an idea about all the new launches and the different looks.

For now, I am dreaming about the Ipanema Collection.

Thank you so much to Harvey Nichols for having me, hope to see more events like this soon!

Good Night!!!


Sunday, 14 May 2017


Hello Gorgeous!

How many times we have been drooling over those super glam beauty and hair salons we can find all over IG?

How many time we have looking for that something special and unique in a hairdresser appointment, only to be served with the usual blow dry that vanishes as soon as you get out of the salon, or a colour that made us regret we left the house that day?

Well good news, there is a new salon in town and it's like nothing you have seen before.

To be honest with you, calling it a hairdresser doesn't even make justice to it.

Catherine Boden is a Luxury Hair Specialist that wants to give you and your hair a unique experience.

The salon opened in December in School Road, Sale (two minutes walking distance from the Sale Metrolink station) and I was lucky enough to go and have a good look around.

The place is in one word, stunning, with all the white and marble interiors, the enormous mirrors and the enormous chandelier at the entrance.

During the launch event I had a chat with Catherine herself and all the other stylists working with her and I learned what Catherine really does.

Again, don't call her hairdresser, she is a magician!

She trademarked a special unique technique called Hollywood Colourblend.

If you look at her pictures on Facebook or Instagram you will understand better.

She uses an impressive range of colours and toners to contour your face with highlights, to reach multi toned effect, that gives the impression of thicker hair with a fuller and glossier texure.

                                              (Images Credits: Catherine Boden IG page)

Catherine is a specialist in hair transformation, if you want to go lighter this is the place you need to see.

All the different, perfectly colourblened layers are placed to make your face pop, to avoid going to the hairdresser to have the roots done every two weeks and to have a perfectly natural effect.

She will advice which shade suits your skin tone better and will make the transformation easier and again, will work (hours and hours if needed) to give you a blended and seamless effect.

If you have suffered some hair colour disasters or you want to get rid of unwanted ginger tones, she will work with all the shades possible to restore some health in your hair and give some natural colour back, thanks to her colour correction technique.

As this could get any better, she just came back from Belgium where she attended a course with the master of Hair Transormation, Mr Mounir.

As I said before, the Catherine Boden Luxury Salon is not just an Hairdresser.

Considering the treatments can take several hours, the place has been designed to offer a full range of other treatments, as microblading brows, manicure, pedicure and professional make up (red carpet, midnight diva, natural daytime).

Special mention goes to the Hair Extensions service: Catherine Boden Salon offers the Jen Atkins (Kim Kardashian's hairdresser FYI) Tape Extensions, known as the best on the market.

Are you an Hairdresser and you like what you are reading? Good news, Catherine does organise training courses, where she teaches the colourblend and most of all will give you the certificate of achievement needed to legally use the terms Hollywood colourblend and colourblend, that as said before, are her trademarks.

If you want to book an appointment for treatments or for a free consultation, here are all the contacts you need.

I am writing an email right now to book for some full head colour and olaplex...and maybe few questions about a hair transformation?

Speak to you soon, have a nice week people!


Saturday, 13 May 2017


Surprise, surprise, look what I found few days ago in Boots?

I spotted this Fine Flowers Cleansing Cream 6 months ago on a Spanish website and when I asked on the official L'Oreal Ig page when it was gonna be released in UK, they told me they didn't have any plan of a UK launch yet.

Well it looks like things have changed cos I was browsing my local Boots and there it was, just landed on the shelves.

I bought it without thinking it twice, all the reviews I read were so positive I was dead curious about it.

I paid £5.99 but online it's priced £7.99 so I am not sure if the offer is in store only or the offer has expired.

So what are my thoughts about it?

Good, good, bloody good.

It's a fresh, soft cream that as soon as it's mixed with and is massaged into the skin, turns into a soft oily gel.

The soft consistency is very pleasant on the skin but most of all removes all the make up, even the most resistent one.

I have been using this as a first step of my double cleanse, it leaves skin squeaky clean and ready for following steps.

It has a very light flowery scent and it's indicated for dry/sensitive skin.

My skin is not dry at all but I will keep on using it thanks to the fact it's very gentle but effective.

There are more products from the Fine Flowers range (wipes, cleansing milk, cleansing wash, toner) that may be worthy to be checked out.

Hope this review helps you, I really recommend you to try it if you are looking for a cleansing balm that doesn't break the bang.

Have a great week end everybody!


Friday, 12 May 2017


Hello Lovelies!

Did you know Missguided launched its first fragrance?

Well that was easy to predict, the brand is doing better and better, from online shop to opening counters in Selfridges, I guess we will keep on seeing more exciting news coming from it.

The fragrance is called Babe Power, oh yes, just the perfect title for the kind of woman the brand keeps representing: strong, empowered and glamourosly beautiful.

Tonight I attended the launch party held in Manchester at hottest location of the year, Menagerie Restaurant so I had the chance to try the perfume.

If you are looking for a new fragrance for the summer, well you just found it here.

The scent is fresh, fruity and leaves a persisitent sweet and floral scent.

I like the perfect balance in between the sweet notes and the floral components as the orange, jasmine and peony.

The packaging is quite unique aswell, a very stylish rose gold can.

The Babe Power is available to buy from  Fragrance Direct, priced £28 for 80ml, which is an absolutely fair price.

Speak to you soon!!


Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Attempted click bait: using the title of the most popular series of the year to make you curious about this post.

No we are not talking TV dramas here, we are talking about my deepest love for these Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks.

When I first got them, I liked them.
When I started to use them, I absolutely adore them.
Times goes one...find me at the counter to buy more.

Find here, 13 reasons why I love these lipsticks and you will love them too.

Shade selection is second to none. 100 shades.
Every single shade you may think of, surely it's there.
The counter is pure luxury for the eyes.
From the boldest red, to the softest sheer pink, to the emerald green, the Vice Lipsticks has got you covered.
Every skintone will be able to find a good match, oh well, more than one for sure.

There are 6 different finishes available.
Mega Matte, Comfort matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer,  Sheer Shimmer.
Once again, all the options are available.

The consistency of the Mega Matte and Comfort Matte formulas don't dry out lips the lips.
They are both incredibly comfortable to wear.

Despite the sheer formulas are the lightest of all, they do not disappear in a blink, shades are vivid and they last on the lips

The cream formula is porn for your lips. Soft, luxurious, intense, pigmented, buttery.

The Urban Decay Vice Lipstick stand has got a wide selection of matching lipliner to suit the colour you picked.

These lipstick have got one of the most intense colour pay off I have ever seen.
One coat will probably be enough, especially for the Matte, Comfort Matte and Cream types.

Price is absolutely reasonable: at £15.50 they are not incredibly cheap but they are miles better than lipstick out there priced more than 20 pounds.

You can find and buy Urban decay in Debenhams and House of Fraser and this means points into your fidelity card.

They come in a very posh and modern gunmetal and golden case.
Packaging obsessed people, we are impressed, I know.

these lipstick are formulated with a lot of nice ingredients we always like, asAloe Vera, Avocado Oil, Jojoba, Vit C, Vit E and more butters and oils to keep lips hydrated and soft.

Longevity of these lipsticks is one of the major winning point.
I normally apply one coat, setting powder, second coat and as a result, my lipstick will not move for few hours.
The matte formulas will last even more.

Urban Decay make up is Cruelity Free

If you need more reason, I have got 5 more....

From top to bottom, here are the swatches of:

714 (Mega matte)
Pandemonium (Mega matte)
Backtalk (Comfort matte)
Big Bang (Metallized)
Firebird (cream)

...and some more from the red/coral group (sorry I did not write the names down, I swatched them at the counter with a lipliner on the side).

If you want to treat yourself to a new lipstick or you want to refresh your shade collection, I would have a look at these lipsticks, you will not be disappointed I promise.

You can find Urban Decay make up in debenhams, House of Fraser and Selfridges and of course on the UD website!

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