Thursday, 2 March 2017


Hi everyone!

If there is something I really avoid to do when I browse the web for new make up, new products, swatches and review, is to end up exploring these independent companies selling pressed pigments or shadows.

The reason is simple: I know I would end up buying, buying and buying.
There is something unique about these collections, the swatches are beyond amazing and I have never been disappointed in the quality.

The main problem is that the majority of these companies are american and this can only mean stupid shipping and custom fees, that's why I tend to resist any temptation and I force myself to scroll on.

Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately?) sometimes I am a bit naughty.
This time, it was discovering Angela's amazing page  ( incredible source of swatches if you buy a lot online as I do, so you should really give her a follow) that made me want to break my promise and that takes us to today's post.

Devinah Cosmetics is a small independent indie brand that sells single eyeshadows, highlighters and glosses.
There are more than 100 shadows available and seeing the swatches on Angela's post made me really jump out of my seat.

Every shadows comes in 4 sizes (57, 44, 36, 26mm) with a minimum price of $5 for the smaller pan.

I ordered 6 shadows in the 26mm pan.

Here we go with the pictures and swatches (warning: you will want to buy these, I am sure!)

From top to Bottom:

1) Salvatore: rusty/reddish brown (fave!)
2) Lucinda: Dark rose gold
3) Siren: metallic dark red
4) Vapor: tapeworm subtle shimmer
5)Fierce: metallic bronze/brown
6) Paramour: brown with metallic shimmer

All these shadows are shimmer.

The texture is soft, I would say nearly creamy.
What I adore about these shadows is the pigmentation (swatches were taken after only one stoke with my fingertip) and the finish, soft, blendable and resistant.

With a good primer (I use NYX or UD primer potion) they last all day long without fading.
The colour are very intense, I wonder if the matte ones are the same.

They are hand pressed cruelty free and majority of them are vegan.
They come in the single pan in an envelope so you will need an empty palette to store them.
I ordered a simple magnetic palette from eBay but you can find them quite easily everywhere.

For this order of 6 shadows (at 6 dollars each) I paid £12 for custom fees.

Will I order again? Probably yes. These shadows are just too good to be true and I really need more shimmery pans for my collection.

So a big shout out to Devinah Cosmetics, well done guys, you have got a new fan!

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