Sunday, 19 March 2017


Hi there!

Do you wanna know what is the thing I desire most at the moment? Time.

I wish I had 50 hours days to accomplish to work, family and the millions of associated things to do.

Time for myself is a luxury I find very hard to have, being a full time working mum, with no family around to provide help and sometimes finding even a couple of hours to get my hair or nails done, oh well, is just not possible.

Things may be a bit better though, now that I discovered Be Glam Uk.

This clever app/website allows you to book appointments for hair, beauty treatments, make up, nails, massages and enjoy the treatments in the comfort of your house, i repeat, IN YOUR HOUSE, or any place you choose, for example work etc.

It is entirely a mobile service, with one hour appointments available.

I downloaded the app and it is incredibly easy to use.

Once you create an account, you select the treatment you want and choose date and time.
You will then see the list of professionals working and available in that area at that time.
Once you have selected your chosen one, you can procede to the payment and that's it, you are booked in.

You will receive an email to confirm the appointment and you can check all your booked appointments on the "my booking" page.

To help you decide in between all the beauticians, there is a feedback page, clever isn't it?

All the prices are clearly indicated and to give you an idea, you are looking at £40 for make up, £30 hd brows, £25 full leg waxing, £30 blow out.

The aspect I liked most is the fact the appointments can be in between 8am and 9pm, that's so convenient for somebody like me that is never home before 6.30 in the afternoon, go to hell "last appointment is at 5pm" salons!

I will keep you updated about my personal experience with Be Glam Uk, I can't wait to book something!

In the meantime here is the link to the website or you can download the app on your phone from Apple Store or Google Play.

I wish you good night with some pictures from the super glamorous Be Glam UK launch event held in Manchester.


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