Monday, 27 March 2017


Bless you Marks and Spencer sales!

I was really dying to try some Rosie For Autograph make up but the price tag was putting me off a bit.

I know I am passionate about make up and normally I don't care about the price, but the situation is getting quite out of control with all these brands coming out with stunning products and amazing collections so I always try to save some money waiting for sales, special offers, etc. 

Last week some sales went on and bang! I managed to get these two lipsticks for a fiver each and free in store collection.

They arrived in a couple of days and guys, I love them!

The lipstick itself is very soft, creamy, comfortable and highly pigmented.
It doesn't last a drink or a meal, this is a dear old lipstick that needs to be reapplied after few hours but who care, when you can show off the posh and elegant rose gold case?

I picked up two shades, "Nude Mink" and a "Look of Love".

If you like nude lips, Nude Mink is a must have.
It is a soft natural nude brown.

Look of Love is a coral rose shade, more intense thatn the first one.

I have used Nude Mink with a very deep dark eyes look and Look of Love with more nude eyes.

Both looked perfect, I am not sure I would buy these lipsticks with the full price tag of £14.
I mean no doubt these are great products but there are millions of good lipsticks out there that can compete with these for a fraction of the price.

I will probably keep on stalking the website for more offers, I really would like to try more from this brand as the eyeshadow palettes and the bronzers but again, I am not relly ready to pay the full price.

Any suggestion about what I should buy? Do you have any experiences with this brand?

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


"Oh hello Elf, long time not seen you, look at you, you look pretty stunning!"

Yes, if I had a conversation with Elf cosmetics right now it would be something like this.

I remember buying elf years and years ago, finding their products cheap crap hence forgetting about it.

Then the brand has undergone a major revamp, with better packaging but most of all better product.

The range has been extended with an excellent skincare line and constant new releases, with an updated Instagram page where to find looks, new launches etc.

For a skincare/make up addicted like me, this looked quite appealing so there I was placing an order.
I took advantage of an offer they had few months back so I got a 3 pieces make up set for free.

First thing then, keep an eye on their social outlets or subscribe to the newsletter cos they always have offers going on.
At the moment for exemple, a different 3 pieces set comes for free with your order.

Second important fact: costumer service is brill! I had a proble with the order and the free gift and they offered me to sent it even if the deal had expired by then. great isn't it?

My order took about a week to come, I decided to try some skincare bits together with some make up and I am pleased to say it turned out to be a very wise decision.

Let's start with make up.

Ilikeweylie Face Palette

 This palette was a LE, inside there are 4 powder for contouring.
I found the ppowders a bit chalky but they blend well and the 2 dark shades are perfect for for contouring.

Highlighting Brush

Get this brush. Now.
If there is something that can really make a difference in your highlighting technique, that is a good brush.
It is slim and tapered for a precise application, it is easy to handle and the bristles are very soft for a good blending of the powders.
Here is the link to the website, it is only 34.50, such a bargain.

Mascara, Mineral Lipstick and the Blush Palette were the gift set (Incredible isn't it?).
I gave the mascara and the lipstick to my friend so I can only review and swatch the palette, that is indeed, fabulous.

It is very very pigmented, you need to be careful with that brush, it reminds me about the sleek make up blushes.

It has two pink shades, one darker, one lighter, a peach tone and a more brown-pink one.
I was impressed about the lasting effect of these blushes, I applied the peach shade in the morning, was still perfect at night.

Priced £7.50, it has a cream version that I would really like to try.

Now, let's move on to the skincare.

What a pleasant discovery these two gems were.

The Hydrating melting gel cleanser is one of the most gentle and effective cleansing balm I have ever tried.
In the pot looks like a solid gel but once you start massaging onto your face, it turns into a soft oil taht removes every kind of make up, stubborn liquid lipsticks included.
It doesn't contain parabens, sulfates and has a very light scent.

You would think £12.50 is not a very friendly price for a budget brand like Elf but I am sure once you tried this gel you will be happy of the money spent.

The Hydrating Bubble Mask is clearly inspired by the korean bubble masks seen everywhere on social media.
You know the concept: you apply the mask, let it foam with all those nice soft bubbles and rinse after 10 minutes more or less when the bubbles start to dissipate and you will have a very soft, smooth and clean skin as promised.

Last but not least, I got the Pore Refining Brush and Mask tool.

This is a double ended brush with a silicone spatula on one side, to apply face mask and a pore brush on the other, to do a deeper clean of problematic areas as for exemple the side of the nose where we tent to have more spots and blackheads.

I am absolutely delighted with everything I bought, I really recommend you to try the gel cleanser cos it was the product that really standed out for me.

On the wishlist now I have got the new Nourishing Oil to Foam Cleanser and the Beautifully Precise Face Brush Collection.

What about you? Xxx


Sunday, 19 March 2017


Hi there!

Do you wanna know what is the thing I desire most at the moment? Time.

I wish I had 50 hours days to accomplish to work, family and the millions of associated things to do.

Time for myself is a luxury I find very hard to have, being a full time working mum, with no family around to provide help and sometimes finding even a couple of hours to get my hair or nails done, oh well, is just not possible.

Things may be a bit better though, now that I discovered Be Glam Uk.

This clever app/website allows you to book appointments for hair, beauty treatments, make up, nails, massages and enjoy the treatments in the comfort of your house, i repeat, IN YOUR HOUSE, or any place you choose, for example work etc.

It is entirely a mobile service, with one hour appointments available.

I downloaded the app and it is incredibly easy to use.

Once you create an account, you select the treatment you want and choose date and time.
You will then see the list of professionals working and available in that area at that time.
Once you have selected your chosen one, you can procede to the payment and that's it, you are booked in.

You will receive an email to confirm the appointment and you can check all your booked appointments on the "my booking" page.

To help you decide in between all the beauticians, there is a feedback page, clever isn't it?

All the prices are clearly indicated and to give you an idea, you are looking at £40 for make up, £30 hd brows, £25 full leg waxing, £30 blow out.

The aspect I liked most is the fact the appointments can be in between 8am and 9pm, that's so convenient for somebody like me that is never home before 6.30 in the afternoon, go to hell "last appointment is at 5pm" salons!

I will keep you updated about my personal experience with Be Glam Uk, I can't wait to book something!

In the meantime here is the link to the website or you can download the app on your phone from Apple Store or Google Play.

I wish you good night with some pictures from the super glamorous Be Glam UK launch event held in Manchester.


Tuesday, 14 March 2017


I am Empire obsessed.

I want to be Cookie Lyon's best friend.

Since episode one I have been obsessed with Taraji's character, her style, her jewellery, everything!

At the moment you can admire this incredibly talented actress in the Oscar nominated Hidden Figures.

Last June Mac came out with a collection dedicated to this incredible actress and this years she is the face of the new Viva Glam.

As you know, every penny from the Viva Glam products goes to the Mac AIDS fund.

There are two new products, a lipgloss and a lipstick.

I bought the lipstick and there is a good chance I will go back soon to buy the gloss aswell.

The lipstick is just A MA ZI NG.

It is a perfect matte blue based bright pink. I may even consider this as my new fave pink mac lipstick (position occupied by Show Orchid at the moment).

It is very comfortable to wear despite being a matte and it resists quite well, unless you eat of course.

The case is matte pink and has got Taraji's signature inside.

At £16,50 is not exactly cheap but let's put it this way, you are buying an outragiously beautiful lipstick and supporting a great cause at the same time.

Here the link to buy it online or you can find it at any Mac counter.

Let me know if you buy it and what you think about it!


Saturday, 11 March 2017


Aaahhh the Joy of finding a fantastick lipstick you did not remember about!

At the moment,I am re-organizing my make up and wow, the ammount of things I am finding I completely forgot about is impressive, it's like Christmas!

I have tried few things from Soap&Glory make up range and I have never been disappointed.
This matte lipstick is one of those you should consider buying if you are a fan of the matte nude style.
The one you see in the pictures is the old packaging of this lipstick, here you can find the new one that is exactely the same but has got a nicer case.

This matte lipstick is very comfortable to wear, quite creamy when you apply it but then dries out totally matte.
The winning point is the fact that feels very smooth on the lips (very rare for a matte finish!) and its longevity is one of the best I have ever seen, especially considering it's a drugstore affordable product.

The shade is a perfect beige nude with a touch of pink.
It is indeed very versatile, when I go for a very dramatic dark eyes I use it with a bit of gloss in the middle, or I leave is just matte as it is.

It is priced only £9 and you can find all the Soap&Glory range from dear old Boots.

Stay tuned because the search for more jewels from my stash goes on!

Sunday, 5 March 2017


Sephora is coming to UK and everybody is buzzing about it.
Everybody but me.

My lack of enthusiasm is justified by two reasons.

Fist of all, it is gonna open in London. I don't live in London, come to Manchester and then we can talk.

Second, we have got Sephora in Italy and believe me, it is nothing like the American sister.
Half of the brands are missing, it's pretty expensive and the rewards you get with the points card are very little compared to what you get in Boots or Debenhams.

One of the few reasons we should be happy to finally have Sephora in UK is, indeed, the Sephora own make up line.
 I have got lipsticks, shadows, bronzers and I have never been disappointed.

Something I picked up in my latest visit in Italy and I am very happy about is this Contouring Brush Set (£25 more or less).

The set includes 3 brushes, a make up bag and a little how to leaflet.

The brushes have a short silver handle and the make up bag is made of a waterproof material, things that make this set perfect for my travels.

The brushes are synthetic, duo fibre, all densely packed with soft bristles.

Each brush has got a number and a description on the handle.

Brush 1: Large Blender, for foundation application

Brush 2: Angle Contouring, to apply bronzer or any contouring dark product you prefer

Brush 3: Highlighter, to add the lighter/shimmer for your contouring

The leaflet suggests to use Brush 1 to blend out foundation+ contouring product= highlighter after the applications and brush 2 to apply blush at the end of the process.

Now, let me tell you something, I frigging love this kit.

It is exactly what I am looking for when I use cream contour products.
All the brushes are very firm and perfect for a precise application but because they are very soft it is very easy to blend everything out.

I have washed them few times now without noticing any shed or change in the shape.

For powder products I prefer the Real techniques sculpting set but for creams these are the brushes I  reach for at the most.

If you are in a rush Brush 1 maybe too small for a quick application of the foundation. I tent to use my Mac 187 or my beauty blender if I am short of time but still use it to blend the other products out.

If you have a Sephora around, you really need to check this kit out, you won't regret the purchase, believe me.

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