Friday, 10 February 2017


True friends are rare.
True freinds that can buy make up for you are a proper blessing and thanks God for that, I have got one.
She knows me, what I like, she follows me on social medias and she can always buy for me bloody good make up.

This time, she surprised me with a selection of goodies from the Graphic Grace collection from Catrice Cosmetics.

Despite this is an old collection (last year I guess?), she managed to grab some pieces from different websites (mainly  Maquillalia)  and here I am, in love with every single item.

Catrice Cosmetics is a German drugstore make up brand and its sold all over Europe...apart from UK.

I seriously don'y know why we don't have this very glamorous brand here, it has an impressive selection of products, releases new collection 3/4 times ayear that go sold out as soon as they are out, totally purse friendly and with an impressive social medias followers.

I hope to spot a Catrice stand sooner or later in Boots or Superdrug, in the meantime, you can shop Catrice on Ebay and Maquillalia, please let me know if you find any other outlet.

These is what I was so lucky to receive.

Quattro Eyeshadow in C01 Linear Lines 

Look. at. this.
I mean this shades selection reminds me a lot about the Anastasia BH Moder Reinassance palette, but this collection came one year before it.
The quality of the shadows is impressive, they blend well without being chalky or too powdery.
I use the darker ones in the crease and as liner on bottom lashes, the lightest one under my browbones and the bright pink in the corner in a v shape.

Powdery Lips C01 Straight style lipstick

After months of liquid lipsticks, it was very weird to go back to a creamy lipstick.
This is a matte formula that doesn't dry out lips at all.
The shade is a bright cherry red/pink, totally matte, totally gorgeous.

Powder Blush C01 Structured Shape

Does this blush look familiar?
Yes, it does, it's incredibly similar to a Chanel one that came out with the Spring collection 2016.
The only difference is that this one swatches 10 times better and costs 5 times less.

Despite being very bright it can be blended in a very natural and subtle pink shade.
I have been using it a lot with full coverage foundation, nude eyeshadows and dark liner.

It lasts a lot especially if I fix it with a bit of transparent setting powder.

Prices are around £5 each (see?? I told you it was a bargain!)

I guess we will see more and more of Catrice around and maybe one day we will have this brand in Uk.
I have on my wish list the Defining Blush, The Comouflage Cream and the Contour Palette.

Now off to bed, Good Night people.


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