Friday, 24 February 2017


Hello Chicks!

how are you all doing? All ok after Doris?
Here looked like a mess, all the rubbish was flying all over the road and I have been basically stuck here in the house with a pretty bored Precious Baby.

Sooooooo as I told you here, I am in love with mac Cosmetics all over again.
Thanks to Dominic I have been looking with much more interest in the new releases from the brand and here am I with what I got from the Mariah Carey collection.

It is not available online anymore but some stores still have few pieces from this incredibly successful collaboration.

I guess the reason of the products litterally flying off the shelves is the fact this entire collection is so wearable, so easy to use and combine with your favourite style, I am convinced all this collection should be kept into the permanent offer of Mac.

I litterally stalked the website for the release and as soon as I spotted the glamourous face of Mariah popping onto my screen, that was it, the buy it now button was on fire.

I bought, what a question, the Highlighter, the lashes and the two eyeshadows palettes.
Here are some swatches and my thoughts about each item.

Extra Dimension Skinfinish My Mimi

This was the most sought after product from the entire collection.
I have seen it on ebay for extortionate prices but believe me, it's well worthy.
It is pure dark gold light on your cheecks.

It adds incredible dimension to your contour, lights up your blush, can be used as an eyeshadow or even as a liner with the help of some fix plus or similar setting spray.
It is just fantastic and that cute little face imprinted on the powder makes it even prettier.

Lashes B56

With the enormous offer of false lashes out there, I will admit Mac is not really the place where I would normally buy them but these fluttery, soft, long falsies had me as soon as I tried them at the counter.
Mac lashes are indeed quite good especially when it comes to multiple uses, I normally get more than 10/15 uses.

Eyeshadow x 4 palette I'm that chick you like

brown and nude tones with a touch of glitter. I have been using this so much, it has become one of my staples for my everyday make up.
The two darker shades are very pigmented (much more than the other two) and blendable.

Eyeshadow x 4 palette It's everything

The second palette is even better than the other.
It is yet another selection of easy to use and versatile shades.
The light and dark taupe are my faveourites shades of the palette and probably of the entire collection.
I have been using the light taupe on the lid as a wash, the matte dark one on the outer corner and crease, the light brown on lower lashes as liner and a bit of the peraly pink in the inner corner.

I am incredibly pleased with everything that I buy and if I were in you I would try to grab as much as I could as long as the collection is available.

Anything on your Mac Cosmetics wishlist you want to share?
I am thinking about the new Viva Glam and some more lashes, what about you?

Speak to you soon  ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


Friday, 10 February 2017


True friends are rare.
True freinds that can buy make up for you are a proper blessing and thanks God for that, I have got one.
She knows me, what I like, she follows me on social medias and she can always buy for me bloody good make up.

This time, she surprised me with a selection of goodies from the Graphic Grace collection from Catrice Cosmetics.

Despite this is an old collection (last year I guess?), she managed to grab some pieces from different websites (mainly  Maquillalia)  and here I am, in love with every single item.

Catrice Cosmetics is a German drugstore make up brand and its sold all over Europe...apart from UK.

I seriously don'y know why we don't have this very glamorous brand here, it has an impressive selection of products, releases new collection 3/4 times ayear that go sold out as soon as they are out, totally purse friendly and with an impressive social medias followers.

I hope to spot a Catrice stand sooner or later in Boots or Superdrug, in the meantime, you can shop Catrice on Ebay and Maquillalia, please let me know if you find any other outlet.

These is what I was so lucky to receive.

Quattro Eyeshadow in C01 Linear Lines 

Look. at. this.
I mean this shades selection reminds me a lot about the Anastasia BH Moder Reinassance palette, but this collection came one year before it.
The quality of the shadows is impressive, they blend well without being chalky or too powdery.
I use the darker ones in the crease and as liner on bottom lashes, the lightest one under my browbones and the bright pink in the corner in a v shape.

Powdery Lips C01 Straight style lipstick

After months of liquid lipsticks, it was very weird to go back to a creamy lipstick.
This is a matte formula that doesn't dry out lips at all.
The shade is a bright cherry red/pink, totally matte, totally gorgeous.

Powder Blush C01 Structured Shape

Does this blush look familiar?
Yes, it does, it's incredibly similar to a Chanel one that came out with the Spring collection 2016.
The only difference is that this one swatches 10 times better and costs 5 times less.

Despite being very bright it can be blended in a very natural and subtle pink shade.
I have been using it a lot with full coverage foundation, nude eyeshadows and dark liner.

It lasts a lot especially if I fix it with a bit of transparent setting powder.

Prices are around £5 each (see?? I told you it was a bargain!)

I guess we will see more and more of Catrice around and maybe one day we will have this brand in Uk.
I have on my wish list the Defining Blush, The Comouflage Cream and the Contour Palette.

Now off to bed, Good Night people.


Saturday, 4 February 2017


Hi there!

Do we all love Mac Cosmetics right?

When I first move to UK, Mac was that brand I could not stop buying from, everything had to be mine, all the collections where driving me crazy, all the lipsticks I was used to see just on magazines where there in the flesh, it was a proper addition.

Then I kinda of slow down a bit, probably confused by the constant dropping of new products, shades, collections, it was just too much, but in my make up collection, some staples are and will always be from Mac.

Lady Danger, Show Orchid lipsticks, Stereo Rose blush, Feline eye pencil to name a few, will never ever find competition in my top 10 make up must have.

Just for this reason, when my friend Rowena told me that Mac Senior MUA, Dominic Skinner, was gonna be at Selfridges Trafford, I booked my make over with him within seconds.

Walking around Selfridges Trafford Centre with no make up on was like going around naked for me, but there I was, all ready for my Mac make over.

First of all, let me tell you Mr Skinner is a proper gentleman.
He is incredibly nice, polite, elegant, gentle, funny and oh dear you will have to stop me cos I could go on for hours, I am not surprised he is Senior MUA.

I did not have just my make up done, he talked me about every single product as a mother talks about her child.

Textures, colours, trends, every single aspect was covered.

He blended, contoured, highlighted and that was all it took for me to fall back in love with Mac Cosmetic

I asked for a subtle smoky eyes, I know I know, I am boring but I just cannot get enought about this style.

Here is my own face chart I was kindly gifted (that will be probably framed and placed on display in my room) on the day and this is the products breakdown Dominic used.


Cleanse off oil, fix plus, softening lotion, marine serum, mineralize eye cream, strobe cream peachlite.


NC37 sculpt foundation
Prolongwear concealer (both must haves!).
brushes #190 and # 286


Taupe Velux brow liner
All that glitters, twinks, mustache (from nutcracker collection) eyeshadows
Long espresso, cat's meow liners
Instacurl lash mascara

Prep&Prime loose transparent powder
Give me sun, sof and gentle blush
brush 136

Prep&Prime lip
Whirl liner
Creme in your coffee lipstick
brushes #219 and #217

...and this is the final result!

I could not stop admiring my eyes.
I normally wear a thick line of black liner so when he suggested to use just a pencil liner and beld it out I was a bit uncertain about it.
I was wrong of course, it's so natural yet so intense!

Now, I need your help, can we start a campaign to have Mr Skinner as a regular guest in Manchester?
Once a month should be fine.

Thank you Dominic!!

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