Monday, 2 October 2017


It all started with the first Urban Decay Naked palette.

Until then, I wasn't a big lover of naked, nude, natural make up, not at all.

Then, I slowly fell in love with the sculpted look natural shadows can give you and now I a point where I can't resist a soft warm tones palette.

When Nip=Fab make up range came out, I was very tempted to buy the entire stand.

It is a range created to enhance facial features, to correct and work on a natural complexion, products for a flawless base and defined sculpted look.

 Winning products: the Colour Correcting range with all the different coloured concealers, the Foundations shade range (I always appreciate brands that offer wider ranges) and the fact that there are Light and Dark Mixers to adjust and costumize them.

The tones of lipsticks and eyeshadows are all on the brown, caramel, soft beige tones.
There is not even a red lipstick.

I must admit looks very brave decision to keep an entire make up range on the natural look side but what the hell, there are so many brands that are more concentrated in bold colours and most different shade that you can definitely choice what do you want right?

I got few bits and I took advance of a free gift with purchase so I managed to try quite a lot of stuff.

Here we go with swatches and review of all I got.

Highlight Palette Stroboscopic 01 (£9.99)

The though I already have a million of strobing products so I did not need another palette was erased as soon as I swatched this palette.
Each shade is fine, soft, with a subtle tridimensional glow.
Blends like a dream and all the 6 shades are versatile and easy to use.
I have used a fan brushes to apply the powders or a small concealer brush for the inner corner of the eyes.
Rose Gold is my fave shade.
Find it here.

Travel Palette 02 Medium
The quality of this palette is so high it can compete with similar high end products.
A single swipe of brush will be enough to have a pretty intense pigmented colour.
Once again it blends nicely, especially the golden highlighter one.
Big winning point of this palette: I have used as a contour/highlighter/blush palette and it's great, then I tried it as a eyeshadows palette and it's even better!

Sunbeam in the crease, vixen on the lid and truffle on the browbone and in the inner corner and that's it, perfect eye look.

Second winning point: at the moment is on sale for only £6.57!

Brow Pencil in Chestnut

I have lost count of how many brow pencil have been thrown in the bin cos they were not the right shade.
Thanks God this was not the case and Chestnut is the perfect ashy brown for me.
The square tip is hard enough to draw little hair on the brows but soft enough to be brushed and blended for a more natural look.

As other Nip+Fab products, it is actually on sale here, for only £5 it is a bargain you can't miss.

Lip Liner 03 Fudge and Matte Liquid Lipstick in 35 Mashmallows

The star products in terms of quality are the matte liquid lipsticks.
I have tried so many brands, so many have been disappointing leaving me with dry and uncomfortable lips.
Not this case, trust me.
Once applied, the lisptick dries out leaving a soft and even texture with a long lasting effect.
This shade in particular is a soft pinkish brown and its perfect matching lip contour is this Lip Liner in 03.
This is the only product of the entire lot I did not love, it's not bad but it did not impress me, despite I love the little sharpner hidden at the bottom.

Here and here the links to buy.

Foundation n35

Buy. It. NOW.

Ahhh this foundation!
If you love full coverage, buildable foundation, you are gonna love this.
I prefer to apply it with a damb blender that a brush, I can work the coverage much better and I personally find it sets better.
Once it has been fixed with a powder it creates the perfect canvas for all my contour/strobing and lasts util the end of the day.
I amMac nc30 and i got shade 35 but it's a bit darker, so I will probably buy a light mixer or a lighter shade.

Find it here for £6.47 only!!

I am planning a quick visit to Superdrug to take advantage of the offers and maybe get more matte lipsticks, the contour palette and the eyeshadows palette.

What's on your wishlist??


Saturday, 23 September 2017


Hi There!

Perfect autumn afternoon today, so it's sofa, hot brew and blogging.

Today I want to share with you swatches and thoughs of two lipsticks from the Balmain x L'Oreal Color Riche collection.

The collection launched few weeks ago with glamorous party all over the main capitals and we were lucky here in Manchester to have a dedicated counter in the mecca of luxury that is Harvey Nichols.

Bless my friend Irena for being always in the right place at the same time!
She was at the launch event and knowing the beauty addicted I am, she sent me swatches of the entire collection and she bought the two I liked more.

 After work I went to have a look by myself and I was quite pleased with the two shades I went for.

The packaging is sleek and shine with the Balmain logo at the front.
The entire collection has quite a variety of shades, from the softest brown to a deep blue or a sheer green.

I chose Domination, a classic red, and Confession, a soft nude pink.

Both the lipsticks have a matte finish and are quite comfortable to wear.
I have few color riche lipsticks and they have always been a pleasure to wear.

They do not last as a liquid lipstick or tint but I don't mind reapplying it every now and then, especially because they do not leave patches of colour but they fade quite slowly.

I think these are must have shades for every skintone, a red that evrybody can rock and the most versatile matte nude tone.

Here are my lips swatches

The collection is still available to buy instore and online in Harvey Nichols and from today you can find it online in Superdrug, at the very affordable price of £12.99.

Have a nice week end you all!


Thursday, 31 August 2017


Here we are for the third and final post of my Anastasia Beverly Hills series.

What I shame I do not own more ABh stuff cos I could go on and on and on about this brand that I discovered and love more and more evry time I try something.

I really hope we will have a proper Anastasia counter someday here in Uk, I still remember the desire to literally dive in when I went to Sephora in Chicago.

Anyway, last object of my dissertation is the infamous Subculture palette.

If you have been under a rock, I will explain you this is the latest palette released by ABH and it has generated quite a bit of controversy due to a quite noticeable fall out of the shadows.

First of all, once again, I have to give Anastasia and Norvina all the credits for putting together a selection of unique and original shades in this palette.

As it was for the Modern Reinassance, the first impression about this palette (mine and others for what I could read on social media) was very weird, I did not know if those shades were gonna work out for me, suit my skintone and what I normally wear on the eyes.

Then, the more swatches were coming out, the more you tube tutorials started to appear,what strted as "Oh no, I will pass on this one, not for me" turned into "Oh God I want it now".

Once again, I bought the Subculture palette from Beauty Bay and 24 hours later, this baby landed n my arms.

The shadows are incredible, so soft and blendable with the usual pay off.

These are all the swatches, with just one sipe of the finger and no primer.

I mean look!!!

My fave shades are these, Rowdy(the deepest matte burgundy purple I have ever seen), Mercury (soft taupe), Roxy (peachy pink) and Dawn (soft beige).

Axis and Untamend, the two matte greenish shades, are probably the one I like less and are the only shades that i found very difficolt to apply and blend.

They sit on the skin as soon as the brush touches your skin and that's it, stuck, won't move.
The only way I found I can use them is with a stiff angle brush, in the lower lashline as eyeliner or on top of it.

Regarding the fall out, yep, all true, if you start to play with this palette, 5 minutes and your dressing table will be covered in pigments flying out from the palette.

Considering how much I love this palette and the shades I like, I kind of accept this little side note and in all honesty, I have seen much worse that this, some shades of the Naked Heat for example or the Kylie Burgundy palette present much more fall out than this.

Hope you find this review useful, if you are in a doubt about buying this palette or not, go girl, it really deserves to sit on that dressing table.


Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Hi Everyone!
Here we go with post number two of my Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes review series.

So today I am gonna tell you my toughts about the ABH Master Palette by Mario.

When King of Contour, The MUA Mario Dedivanovic announced the collaboration with the brand, I knew without a doubt I was gonna have that palette.

The man behind the iconic sculpted face of Kim Kardashain and lots of other celebs is one of the MUA I follow and respect more, his job is always so clean, neat but yet stays incredibly natural without that plastic-y fake effect we see elsewhere.

When the first images and swatches of the palette were plastered all over the web I hesitated a bit; I just found it that all the shades were easy to find elsewhere and a good reserch into my draw would have probably produced a good results in terms of dupes.

The day the palette launched the Anastasia Beverly Hills website crashed so many times, as expected and I found myself full of regrets about not buying it, just for the sake of the beauty addicted I am.

Then, all of a sudden, the website started working again and with no hesitation this time, I bought it straight away.

It came in two weeks and I paid an awful lot of money due to the extortionate custom fees, I kind of remember it came up to £60 total.

My thought on this palette are very controversial and let me explain why.

First of all I want o make sure it's clear this is not a negative review of the product itself, not at all.

The quality of the shadows is once again incredible. As for the Modern Reinassance, I am very pleased with the consistency, the texture, the pay off etc.

The shade selection is perfect, versatile, able to suit every skintone and to be used in several combinations for a nude, natural or more dramatic smoky effect.

My main concerns regarding this palette are the following.

First and probably main one is the price point.

This palette is not worthy £60. I find quite unfair that the palette was available to buy only in certain countries, leaving costumers living elsewhere facing the custom fees.

For somebody that reached fame thanks to make up lovers spread all over the world, this was in my opinion somethig that should have beentaken care of.

All the ABH palettes are available to buy here in UK from distributors like Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty. All but this one.

After nearly one year from its release, I do not think there is gonna be a larger restock so, once again, I find this very unfair.

Concern number two: all the shades are easily dupable.

This entire palette is easy to recreate with other brands single shadows.

A bit of reserch on the web will give you a pletora of posts, pictures etc of dupes for this palette.
Here an example thanks to the accurate job of Futilitiesmore.

This bring us back to point one: not worthy all those money and all the dramas about it being sold out.

At the moment I am very torn in between keeping it for the sake of owning a collector's item or being reasonable and selling it (prices on ebay are crazy), knowing that I own so many similar shadows I won't probably regret it.

What do you think I shoul do??


Saturday, 12 August 2017



First post after my summer break!
How are you all doing? I still have to adjust to Manchester rainy weather but in some other way I am glad to be back home.

So this is the first post of a series dedicated to Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes.

If you are into make up you can't really avoid being caught up in the ABH frenzy.
The brows Queen has gone a long way and now her eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations are holy grail.

I own a lot of eyeshadows palettes, an embarassing quantity if I have to be honest.
Some of them are staples I reach for every day (Urban Decay Naked one for example), some are kept for special occasions (Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette).

When I recommend to my readers, friends, relatives to buy a palette is because I believe it has all it take to be perfect and so far, Anastasia BH Modern Reniassance is one of those.

The reason why this is in my "five stars section" is very easy: it just clicks all the boxes of what I look for in a shadows palette.

Let me explain why.

Some palettes have rubbish pans mixed with good one.
This is not the case: every single shadow in the Modern renaissance has incredible pay off, soft texture, blends easily and lasts a long time with primer.

Shade Selection
We have got the right variety in between matte and shimmers, fair and dark shades.
You won't need to rech for another palette, it gives endless possibilities.
I love palettes that have a very dark pan and a fair one, to be used as lower liner and highlighter under the brows.

Sturdy solid cardboard with velvet cover and mirror inside, plus a dual ended good quality brush.
Simple but effective, no fuss around and no gimmicks.

Price Point
The palette will cost you 41 pounds for 14 shadows, so it's 2.92 quids per pan. 

I have had it for more than a year, I got it from Beauty Bay as soon as it lauched and I have never been disappointed.

Let me show you some swatches.

My favourite shades are Burnt orange (used as a transition shade), Red Ochre (outer corner) and Primavera (wash all over the lid).

If you are in doubt about buying or not this palette, go for it and thank me later!

I will talk to you very soon with the second ABH palette I got and it's gonna be a very swatches rich review!

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