Thursday, 29 December 2016


Good Morning Gorgeous!

I cannot even describe how much I am loving having time to blog every day, God bless the holidays.

So if you, like me, could spend hours browsing Instagram, Ebay, You Tube, exploring Korean Beauty products, I am sure you will enjoy this post.

I was looking for a full coverage concealer and I stubled across this on ebay.

I decided to give it a go despite I could not find a lot of reviews about it, I have got the feeling it is not an incredibly popular brand.

First of all, it is less than 5 quids for 15 ml. Not bad at all isn't it?
Second very imoortant fact, it has SPF 30, bingo!!

Once I decided to buy it, I was a bit disappointed to find only two shades available, but I found a lot of Korean brands are incredibly limited in terms of shade range.

I went for 02 Rich beige, that is basically the darkes available.

I have tried this under my eyes and on my cheecks, blending it with a duo fiber brush.
It has a very thick consistency so you will have to work it a bit longer than a normal creamy concealer.

Final result? Perfection!

It is incredibly natural despite provides a full coverage.
It conceals all my pigmentations without clogging pores, it lasts all day long if used with a setting powder, I did not find a single negative thing to say about it.

The shade is perfect for my medium skintone (I am Mac nc30).

A full tube will last you forever, considering you really need a tiny ammount for a decent full cover effect and the tube is soft so you can squeeze all the products until the last drop without waste.

I had a look at more concealers from The Saem brand and I spotted a pot and another cream formula, they will be purchased very soon, trust me.

Here is the link to the seller I got it from but there are a few where it may be even cheeper.

Once again, forgive me for the post layout but this is the best I can do when I blog from my phone.

Enjoy the pictures and speak to you soon!


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