Friday, 9 December 2016


Hi Sweeties!

What do we think about hair extensions?
I have had, so far, a kind of love/hate relationship with then...until now.

My hair is terrible, it just won't grow over my shoulder.
The texture has improved enormously thanks to that miracle treatment a.k.a. olaplex, but lenght, nothing, forget it, impossible dream.

Last year, a very convenient Groupon deal convinced me to try micro ring extensions.

Biggest. Mistake. Ever.

The rings kept breaking my hair, chunks of extensions were falling apart every time I had a shampoo and brushing was a nightmare.

That convinced me to stay away from any kind of permanent bonded solution and to tell you the truth, I was not really intrigued by clip in extensions, quite scared about the final result and the horrific idea of clips showing through my hair, I want a 100% real effect you see, I kind of hate when people understand I have fake hair!

Well I am glad to inform you I kind of change my mind, after attending a brilliant event here in Manchester, when a new range of hair extensions was launched.

Hair Revolution is a new brand, founded by Vicky Pattison.

We are talking about real hair extension with a great selection of colours and lenghts.

The event was held in Victoria Warehouse were we could see all the different styles.

Surprise surprise, my usual hairdress, Ed's, was there at the event so I was incredibly glad he put them on for me.
I went for black, shiny  and of course, long hair.

What a change they made!

I can't believe I am actually able to have that fullness, lenght I have always wanted without compromising an 100% natural effect.

Would you believe I have got 6 pieces on my head?

The fact is that the band is very soft with firm clips that keep it in place and the hair, oh the hair!
The quality is very good, shiny and soft.

I have used , washed, styled for a month now and they still look amazingly good.

Here are some more pictures, look how flat they stay on the head and how nicely they blend.

Here is the website, the shop will be openeing soon, in the meantime you can follow them on IG (@hairrevuk) for more updated informations about the launch.

Thanks Ledigo Pr for having me and well done Vicky!


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