Sunday, 27 November 2016


Hi there!
Do you know the brand Artdeco , are you familiar with it at all?

I was reorganising my make up stash last week and I came across these few products I bought ages ago.
I kind of fell in love again with all of them and this post is a little shout out to a brand I think really deserves more credit.


Sold in Debenhams, Beauty Bay and in beauty centres across the country, Artdeco is a german brand that sells incredibly good make up.
A big range of products, new collections coming out regulary and a very good quality make Artdeco a very established brand.

I have got some swatches of what I have got for you, and I will post some make up look on my IG next week with all of them in action.
Overall I am very happy with everything I have tried so far, it's not the cheeapest brand out there, but why not indulge every now and then?
If you are looking for a special present for a make up obsessed friend that has already everything you can think of, well it may be a good idea to give this brand a chance to impress her, I am sure there will not be disappointment.

Here we go with some pictures...
Glam Vintage Blusher


Excuse me if I feel like a posh vintage diva when I have got this compact in my hands.
It is a blush with 3 shades in it, where the lightest one can be used as an incredibly nice highlighter.
It has a sheer effect with a nice shimmer in it, I apply it with a dome brush mixing the 3 stripes together for a more natural glow.

Art Couture Lipstick


A bright, intense red with a light shimmer in it.
I like how soft is on the lips, fact you really start to appreciate after months and months of matte textures.

Golden Vintage Lip Laquer


Ah glossy pink lips, I missed you! This is so far my fave product, it gives taht  kind of vinyl plumped effect and, deep love for that, it is not sticky at all.

Golden Vintage Lipstick


These golden cases really makes me feel like I am in a Gatsby movie.
The lipstick is very similar in texture to the Art Couture one but this shade (70) is more pinkish.
It has a very metallic/brilliant finish and is soft and buttery.
It doesn't last very long on the lips but I don't mind to show off a bit in public with this precious case!

If you go on   Artdeco website  you will see how stunning are the new collections, I am drooling over the Crystal Garden collection.

Hope to speak to you soon

Good Night!


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