Wednesday, 14 September 2016


I am not ready for winter.
I guess the fact that we had a very miserable summer doesn't really make me ready for another dark and cold winter.
What I am looking forward to is, anyway, the explosion of all the new fashion collections.
Boots, capes, coats, jumpers, I am ready, bring it on.

Just for this reason, I was very pleased to attend a Manchester Bloggers event organized by my dear friends (here my blog post about them) from Country Attire.

The website is a proper mecca for designer and high quality shopping, where you can find clothes, accessories and shoes to accomodate your fashion needs with a very posh touch.

Hosted in the heart of Manchester City Centre, we were served afternoon teas in Proper Tea ( a must see place just in front of Manchester Cathedral) whilst browsing in between melissa for Vivienne Westwood shoes, Barbour jackets, Ted Baker bags etc.

Must haves like Hunter Boots were displayed along new lines as fur stoles and coats.

If you want to indulge in a bit of a luxury shopping, you know now where to go.

I am dreaming about this Vivienne Westwood number..

Should I buy it? Say yes please!


Sunday, 11 September 2016


Hi Sweeties!

What did you do for the last Bank Holiday?

I got up early than I usually do on a day off, got ready and went all the way to the opposite side of the city to find a LIDL: 10am was the opening time, 10.05 I was there.

I just couldn't miss these incredible offers: skincare gadgets, discounted prices, impossible to resisit.

 The first item I got was a Silicone Facial Cleanser Brush.

This device is clearly inspired by the Foreo, but excuse me if I go for the cheap £14.99 brother (yes,  that's the price!).

I am a devoute user of Clarisonic with the cashmere brush head, but I really wanted to try the silicone version of a facial cleansing brush and this was the prefect occasion.

I have used it every day since I got it and I am 100% satisfied about it.
It's incredibly delicate so if you haven't loved the Clarisonic and its quite strong action, well you are gonna love this.

I normally use the Clarisonic twice a week, but I will probably use this all the other days.

The vibration is gentle but very effective to massage the skin and to help the action of the cleanser.

I have used it with my normal cleansers, creams or oils, without any problems.
The side buttons allow you to choose the strength of the vibrating effect and the back side helps to massage the skin, so when used with facial oils or creams, it helps to make them penetrate better.

I got a coconut face oil in TKMaxx and they work perfectly together.

It is cordless and so far I did not need to recharge the battery.

It comes in two colours, purple and Tiffany's green, with a little pouch and the charger of course.

Should you buy it? Yes totally.
If you haven't tried facial cleansing devices yet, this is the one for you, at such a cheap price you cannot go wrong.

Second item I got was this Ionic Facial Sauna.

I had a facial sauna years and years ago but it looked nothing like this.
It was huge, bulky, noisy, whilst this one is sleek, quiet and small.
My friend Cosmetic Candy told me these ionic saunas are huge in Asia and if there is something I have learned in all these years of beauty blogging is that Asian skincare is always few steps ahead of us.

I have used this a couple of times and I am quite pleased with it.

Once you pour a bit of water in the little tank, you will see steam coming out of it.

After cleaning your skin with the usual cleanser,  you shuld stand about 25 cm from the ionic steam for about 10 minutes.
This should help to open your pores and help water and beauty products to sink in and penetrate better.
After the 10 minutes, I normally proceed with another round of cleansing or with a mask or, better, a sheet mask.

People, skin feels amazing after all this, believe me.
Considering it is only £12.99 (against £44 on Amazon), this ionic facial sauna needs a try.

If you have a LIDL around you, go and have a look.
If you don't, well, cars were invented for a reason.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


"Oh no I really do dislike this brown-dark-nude lipsticks trend, I will bever buy one of those shades".

These were my thoughts until I did not find myself browsing and swatching make up at the NYX counter in Boots in MCR Arndale.

You know when you think "oh let me just swatch it despite no, I don't think I am gonna like it"....and you end up with hands full at the till?


I ended up buying NYX lip lingerie in shade 12 "Exotic" and the Liquid Suede in shade 04.

The first one is a brownish pink, kind of burnt dark pink I would say.

I absolutely adore it.

I have been using it day after day.
It is one of those shade that just work for day, night, easy to pair with any eye make up look.
Regarding the texture, I finally gets the hyoe of these lipsticks.

Its creamy consistency makes application very easy but once it dries out it has an  incredible soft feeling.

It lasts hours without needing to retouch it, maybe after eating you will need to adjust it but overall it stays on your lips.

The NYX liquid suede in 04 "soft spoken" is even better than the lip lingerie.

It's a bit more creamy and is more comfortable on the lips with the same intense and durable colour pay off.

04 is a soft brown with no rose tones, it's a deep nude shade.

I paired this with metal pink eyeshadows (Naked 3 palette and Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Reinassance highly involved) and I got few compliments about it all.

Here are the two swatches so you can appreciate better the difference

I foresee more purchases in the very next future.

Speak to you soon!


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