Saturday, 27 August 2016


When you are in a trendy location, with lots of sparkle, glamorous people and well stocked drinks, you are probably at one of Stephanie's event.

Few weeks ago I was invited to the Alchemist in Spinningfield, Manchester, to celebrate the launch of Elegance lashes by Maria Cristina and here we go, as predicted, the atmosphere was buzzing!

In between having my hands covered in glitters and sipping delicious drinks, surrounded by incredibly well dressed and funny people, we had a look to these new range of falsies.

Once again, well done Steph!

But now, back to business...

The goody bag generously provided a set of two pairs of lashes.

Now, if you think all false lashes are the same, oh well, change your mind cos these are impressive!

These babes are real mink fur lashes with a special 3D design.

This translate in an incredible volume, structure and definition.

I use false lashes all the time, I have tried billions of lashes, every kind and every sort but as soon as I put these on I was sold to a life time long friendship.

The "Signature" lashes are perfect for an everyday use, with a mix of short and long lashes.

The "Flutterise" design is the one I prefer for a more dramatic effect.
They are structured as a double layer of lashes with a thick and dense effect.
What I love most about both of these lashes is the fact that they are incredibly lightweight.

I had a look at the website (where you can find a lot of informations about how to apply lashes, how to clean the glue etc) that they can be used up to 25 times.

Totally see this being true, cos they are incredibly well manufactured and the band is quite solid so it doesn't get ruined when you clean them.

The price, considering how many times you can use them, is quite fair, £11,99 each pair.

I would stock up if I were in you.

Speak to you soon, have a nice bank holiday week end everyone!

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  1. Girllll I’v been waiting on an article to throughly cover this topic! Im obsessed with lashes ! Great tips on here! I would also recommend the Flutterfly Cosmetics Mink Eyelashes. They are great quality— compared to some of the crappy nappy IG Lashes or the plastic cheap ones from the Beauty Supply Store. Also, they last a long time as long as you take care of them.


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