Saturday, 23 April 2016


Hello People!

How lucky I was to be in Italy just the day the amazing Kiko Wanderlust collection launched?
Well, we get Kiko in UK too but in Italy it's a bit cheaper so the haul was mandatory!

First of all this collection is pure packaging porn.
The genius beyond this curved gold and shiny cases is the designer Ross Lovegrov, known worldwide for his futuristic works.

The collection is quite big, with BB creams, foundations, blushers, bronzers, brushes etc.
Prices are a bit higher than normal Kiko standard but the limited edition collections are normally more expensive than the basic line.

Now, if you are familiar with previous Kiko summer collections, you will notice there are some products that have been kind of repromoted.
The baked bronzers, the multi colour baked blushers, the BB creams and the compact are basically a constant of every summer collection.

I read some negative comments regarding some products reappearing every year but to be honest I did not find this a boring repetition at all.

These products are so good you really want to see them in every year's collection.

The foundations, compacts and the DD creams are sun proof, waterproof, sweat proof and are a must if you can't say no to make up even if you are on the beach.

Last year's BB cream was my holy grail, I could go on all day long with no retouches needed in the hottest days in Italy in August, so welcome Kiko for doing this stuff every single year.

So, here is what I got:

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