Wednesday, 30 March 2016


In terms of skincare, here is no doubt oriental countries just know and do it better!

The extreme research and attention to ingredients and the accurate use of the right products to built an appropriate and suitable morning and night routine is a tradition we are happy to learn from our Japanese, korean, chinese cousins.

 One of the most established make up and skincare brand is Suqqu and we are lucky enough to have several counters here in UK.

I visited few times the one in Selfridges Exchange in Manchester, after reading about how good were the products I can totally agree with the positive reviews.

Every Suqqu counter offers complimentary consultations to help you identify your skin type, its needs and the products to suits it best.

This is extremely important especially if you have special issues (my main concern is pigmentations).

You can have mini facials (the way they remove make up is EPIC, a true ritual), make overseas and massages (more on this in another post).

I loved going throughout all the cleansers, toners, creams, all the ingredients were explained to me in detail and a perfect ideal routine was suggested.

I was invited for a mini facial and a make over and it was incredibly pleasant.

The part I loved most? The application of the Face Refresher, left soaking with a sheet mask-kind technique and the make up make over, particularly the way they did the base. I looked natural but flawless.

I was invited again few weeks back to have a look to the SS16 make up collection (OH YES OF COURSE I  COMING LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!)

The collection respects the full tradition of the brand, emphasizing a spotless complexion and a subtle and natural make up, with some bold touches in perfect summery style.

The piece to die for is, in my opinion, the EX-04 Face Color Palette, an incredibly fine and iridescent duo with an highlighter and a peachy pink blush (£45).

The eyeshadows palettes are very wearable shades, the EX-28 is the one I like most (£45).

If you like juicy and shiny lips with the comfort of the balm, then you are gonna love the Dual Lip Color (£20), creamy glossy balms in a pot.

I loved theor take on bold nails for summer, look how gorgeous is that cherry red polish (EX-13 £18).

Here is the final look and No, no filter used!

Cullen eyes ah ah!
You will notice the price tag is quite important but you know what? Sometimes it's nice to invest in some high end pieces and Suqqu is for me totally worth the money.

Consider it as the it designer bag you buy even if you wear a primark dress!

If you are close to a Suqqu counter, I strongly recommend a visit and a talk with the girls, they are incredible and you will be surprised by what they can do to your skin.

You can buy Suqqu online aswell.

Hope you'll find this post useful.

Talk to you soon!


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