Monday, 14 March 2016


Ahhhh Marlena, how much we love you dear!

She has been one of the first youtuber I discovered, I use to devour her blogposts and videos on the bus on my way to work and my first NYX purchases came from her shop.

I have been curious about her constantly growing make up collection for years, browsing instagram and reviews to see swatches, and as soon as the brand launched on Beauty Bay, I enthusiastically filled my basket with the shadows carefully chosen between the available ones.

I got:

Rockstar (£4.99) duochrome: a pale grey lavender

Mesmerized (£7.95) foiled: a purple brown

Charmed (£7.99) foiled: a greenish gray

The texture is incredibly buttery and soft and they can easly be packed and blended.

From left to right: rockstar, mesmerized, charmed
 These shadows NEED A PRIMER. There is no way they are not gonna crease if applied without a good primer.
I guess this is the price you pay for such a soft texture.

The foiled effect of Mesmerized and Charmed is incredible, with a true, sharp metallic finish and a great colour payoff.

They come as single pans so unless you want to keep them in the paper sleeve, you will need an empty palette to store them.

Now, do I like these shadows? Yes
Do I love them, will I buy more? Probably no.

The reason behind these doubts is the fact that despite ticking a lot of boxes, these shadows are exactly the same of lots of other shadows out there.

I like them but I certainky don't feel the need to build an entire full range palette.

Any shopping trip in Boots, Superdrug etc will probably allow you to find something similar or even better for the same price.

If like me you have got entires boxes of palette and shadows you will certainly find something comparable in your stash.

I do not really find anything spectacular about these shadows, there was not that OMG factor I was hoping for.

I am now very curious about your opinion about Make Up geek shadows, have you tried any? what do you think about it?


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