Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Note to self: the next time a bunch of top bloggers are invited to a free sponsored masterclass with the most famous and requested make up artist on the planet (Mario Dedivanovic) be a little bit careful in trusting their final judgment regarding the sponsored products because, you see, they may be a little bit far from honest.

This is exactly what happened when all the L'oreal Sculpt collection came out.

IG was full of beauty guru squealing with joy and excitement about how good and innovative this new range of products was.

I asked few times on L'oreal social medias when the products where gonna be released but of course there was no answer (if you are familiar with how terrible is the brand with social media you know why I said "of course").

Few bloggers told me it was gonna be launched half March, no need to say it was mid February and I found everything in Superdrug.

Without any hesitation I bought the Infallible Sculpt Contouring Base Foundation (£8.99), The Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette (£9.99) and the Infallible Sculpt Blush Trio (£7.99).

The first product to apply should be the base, that is described as a light coverage foundation with shade adapting pigments to match all the skintones.

 It comes in two shades, 01 light (very pinkish undertone) and 03 medium dark, I got the second one.

So explain me L'oreal, what the hell should we do with this?

It's not a primer, it doesn't give any coverage so do not call it foundation please.

How could you ever think that two shades were gonna match every single skintone? Smart Pigments to match every skin colour WHERE????

You can see on the swatches how crap is the difference in between my skintone and this base and believe me, I blended it a lot!

The Contour Palette is not any better.

I got the 03 medium dark. I like the little leaflet inside that explains how to use it but that's it.

The dark portion is smooth to apply but once you start to blend it, it just disappears.

I tried to use a bit more but the results are not that better, it's quite difficult not to end up with a big brown patch.

 The white cream is completely useless.

It's not an highlighter, it's not a concealer, it's not a strobing balm, once again L'oreal, explain me, what the hell should I do with this?
It looks like a silicone balm, completely transparent, slightly sheer.

Finally, the Blush. This is nice.

There are 3 options, Soft Rosy, Soft Sand and Nude Beige. I choose Nude Beige but I have to say all of them are beautiful and wearable.

It is actually a trio of an highlighter, a transition shade and the proper blush.

I use a big angled brush to pick all of them, apply on the cheekbones and blend a bit.

There is a good pigmentation and the highlighter bit is actually very good.

The final result is anyway a big mess.

 The NON COLOUR ADAPTING BASE makes me look like somebody with a wrong foundation, not an even complexion or whatsoever, the all sculpting thing is just average and after years and years of other brands doing contouring kits and products, I am sure we all own much better stuff than this.

The only thing I save from the range is probably the brush that of course, I did not buy, silly me.

For me this range is just a "let's put a sculpt world on something cos it will sell for sure" and I would not advise you to waste any money.


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