Sunday, 6 March 2016


Hello Gorgeous!

Are you into beauty gadgets at all?

I am always exploring the web for new technology wonders that can help my skincare regime (=make me transform into a flawless diva).

I am a sucker for these gadgets and I had a good time browsing around the latest tools at an event organised in Manchester by Current Body, a company specialised in health and beauty technology.

Hair removal, skincare, home facials, massages, slimming, nothing is left behind from these guys, name it and you will find it for sure, with brands as HoMedics, Clarisonic, Foreo, Caci, Slendertone, Hairmax etc.

It was at this event that I saw for the first time the Clarisonic Cashmere Luxe Cleanse Brush Head.

I am a proud user of Clarisonic.

I could swear on it, starting to use it really made a big difference in my skincare regime with more than appreciated results.

I use it three times a day with a cream or gel cleanser as a second cleansing step (where first one is a cleansing balm).

I seriously do not understand all the criticism it gets, I guess personal experience should count a bit more than some negative reviews.
I have never experience any irritation or breakouts, if something, my skin suffers when I stop using it.

What worked for me was understanding how many times a week I need to use it and which head is more suitable for my skin type.

Enter the Luxe Cashmere Head.

At the Current Body event all the luxe heads were there to be seen, touched and tried.

What can I say?

It was love at first sight..or first touch.

The bristles are incredibly soft, never a name was more appropriate than in this case.

The cashmere head caresses my skin with the most gentle feather touch.

The picture looks out of focus, it is not, it's just how fluffy it is!

I must admit that after trying this head I would never go back to the original head provided with the Clarisonic.
It is just a different planet.

Does the softness of the brush compromise the efficacy of the cleansing?

Not at all, if something, it improves it.

Considering the experience in general is much more pleasant, I found myself using it more accurately, going all over my face, not avoiding any delicate areas (as I used to do before).

The official website description indicates this head for dry skin, well I do not agree at all, I just find this head is suitable for all kind of skin types really, it's just incredibly delicate but it does its job, and it does it well. I guess it means that mature or fine skin can find more benefits from this brush choice but if you have oily skin, well believe me, you will love it the same.

At £25 Price tag is a bit high, I know, but the Clarisonic itself doesn't come cheap anyway.
If you are thinking about buying it, keep an eye on the Current Body website that offers quite frequently discounts and offers.

After I bought it, I convinced 5 of my friends to get it and they are absolutely enthusiastic about it, let me know what do you think if you buy it.
I am sure you will not regret it.

Have a nice Sunday people!

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