Saturday, 2 January 2016


Good morning everybody.
It's my last day in Italy, it's the end of the holiday season for me, time to go back to my work/baby/work/baby routine.

Tell me about you, tell me about your holidays, how did did you spend Christmas day, Boxing day and New year's eve?

Restaurants, clubs, pubs, spas? Oh well it doesn't sound bad at all.

What about something different for the next day off, to celebrate the next birthday, an anniversary or a funny night out?

What about a day at the Casino?

For the past 4 years my Christmas do with work was held in a Casino and believe me it's so much fun.

Few weeks back I was invited to to a "Poker for Bloggers" event organised in in the Grosvenor Casinos in Didsbury, Manchester and considering I had never played poker before...I said YES of course!!

The Grosvenor Casino is situated in Didsbury, in the Pars Wood Entertainment Centre,  close to the  Cineworld Cinemas, Virgin Active Gym and various restaurants.

I met there with some other bloggers, we were shown around the place and  introduced to some of the most popular games as Black Jack and the Roulette.

 The Casino is massive with big gaming tables, all the slot machines you can think of, a grill restaurant and a late bar.

 There are lots of events organised all year long, as Cabaret nights, Dance floor, Tribute acts etc.

The most interesting part came when we were introduced to the game of poker.

The Croupier explained us all the rules and we were helped with some sheets with examples of the poker hand ranking.

We played few hands just to practise and in all fairness, I was a total disaster, I literally did  not have a clue how to win or really, how to play!
The more that poor guy was trying to explain me the rules, the more I was getting confused.
..and then the real tournament began...

Before that night, I had never played poker in my the hell I ended up WINNING THE FIRST PRIZE, oh seriously, I don't know.

 I suppose is it what you call the beginner's luck, so this amazing Amazon Fire Tablet belongs to me now!

So what about a Casino Night out? You can decide to go for food, drinks and then have a go at the tables or just enjoying the entertainment!

When we go with my work colleagues, what we do is having a meal there, set a budget and play at the tables, it's just a very different night than the usual pub isn't it?

Thank you so much to Grosvenor Casinos for the hospitality, I will be back soon and to Mediacom for the great event.



  1. This sounds like an awesome night out!
    I've never been to a casino before!
    Congratulations on winning!!
    Rachel x
    Lost In Lipstick

    1. it was a great night and seriously, go and have a look, it's really worthy


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