Thursday, 3 December 2015


Hello nice people.

One of the best things about blogging is having the chance to meet people, extremely nice people.

The bloggers meetings are something I wish I was able to see more and more around.

Sponsored or not, I enjoy very much getting in touch with the local bloggers, sharing experiences,  chatting, having a good laugh.

One of the best bloggers event I have ever been to has to be the one organised by The City Girls.

Holly, Siobhan and Lorna are the 3 bloggers behind this project, aimed to a very simple and enthusiastic plan: getting bloggers together to have fun!

I was invited to their Manchester event few weeks back and blimey, what a day it was!

These girls have done what sometimes biggest and established brands and companies have failed to achieve.

The event was beautifully organised, there was an extreme attention to small details and most of all, there was a great effort to engage every single blogger in activities, chats and get to know each others.

Few brands were present on the day and freebies wereavailable on different tables all around the room.

I have been to event where the PR has barely found the time to talk to us, thinking that a glass of prosecco and a leaflet can be enough.

These girls have been outstanding in finding a nice venue (the Rain Bar), brilliant exhibitors and putting all together with a great bunch of nice bloggers.

There were no divas (I could tell you some funny stories about some awful big bloggers...), everybody was friendly and happy to be introduced to all the others.

Look at some of the stands that were there...

Isn't the calligraphy a very fascinating affair? I had my Precious Baby's name written up and I framed it over his bedroom's door and I am planning to buy some Christmas cards.

The Green&Black chocolate was delicious!

As a beauty products hoarder, my favourite stand was the Look Fantastic where I was introduced by Laura to the monthly subscription box, more about this to come very soon!

Another stand I loved was the Twig+Dot with all those incredibly nice scented candles.

The cherry on top of the cake was a big raffle with so many prizes, everybody went home with something.

The goody bag was packed, seriously girls, I will never thank you enough for such a good event and a great day.

You can follow The City Girls here, where you can find more details about next events.

Hope to see you all soon girls!

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