Monday, 2 November 2015


Fancy a snack?

Well, you are reading the wrong post because, have a guess, this is not edible.

This is, by all means, a hair mask.

Yes, you read well, what looks like a yogurt or one of those dessert with two creams to mix is an intensive treatment for the hair.

I spotted the Sealicious Shyne Booster in Tesco Extra and placed into my baked completely smitten by the packaging, the concept of the cream to be mixed by the oil and the fruity scent.

Once opened I could appreciate this aspect even more, the oil in particular made me want to eat this instead of wasting it on my head!

Once mixed, the oil blends nicely and the mixture is smooth and thick.

The instructions advice to leave it on clean dump hair for 10 minutes and so I did, making sure to cover all my hair and my extension but not the roots to avoid having greasy scalp the next day.

After a good wash I proceeded to a normal blow dry, to find my hair been soft, smooth and shiny.

A very delicate and appreciate scent was still there to be detected but it really doesn't last more than one hour.

So, did I like it or not?

Well, let me put it this way, I liked it but not loved it.
It did not impressed me so much that I want to buy it again.

I need a more intense hydration for my very poorly hair and for £2.99 (I used the whose pot at once) I guess I can find better masks/ conditioners around.

If you have got normal hair, not in particular need of repair or nourishing effect you may be interested in trying it.

There are several different type of this Shea Butter, I picked up the Argan and Amla. 

My search for the miracle hair treatment goes on..


  1. I love this stuff!!! I use the whole line as my hair is very long and no matter what I do tends to stay dry and coarse...upon using this after a perm and blow drying my hair, it was soft and shiny it even managed to tame my fly always. Whenever I can find it I buy it my first time using it it came in the box with my perm.l use it in between perms to keep my hair looking fresh!


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