Sunday, 29 November 2015


Good Morning beauty addicted pals!

I wish it was Christmas a couple of times a year so we could enjoy all these new launches of new products more often.

Today I want to show you the latest releases from Sleek Make Up.

Thanks to the 3x2 in Superdrug, I did a bit of shopping few weeks back and the SA was sorting out the new stand with all those new palette.

Finding a tidy, clean and stocked Sleek Make Up stand is a quite rare event so I took advantage of my luck and got these two.

The first one I want to talk about is the Highlightin Palette in "Solstice".

It has been seen plastered all over Instagram since it has launched and sees four different highlighters, one creamy and three powders.

The gold mirrored case is very Christmas-y and elegant, but of course it will get dirty as soon as you even look at it.

There is a brush inside the palette too, but it's so awful it doesn't even deserve to be called brush.

From top left, clockwise, we'll find:

Ecliptic a pale pink cream

Hemisphere a light violet baked powder

Equinox a golden sand shade with, again, a baked powder consistency

Subsolar champagne colour, powder

The baked powders are beautiful, the consistency is soft and buttery with a metallic finish.

I can see why they are a favourite, now that is all about the strobing, contouring and highlighting.

The creamy highlighter is quite sheer but leaves a kind of wet and shiny finish.

The Subsolar powder is fine and less intense than all the other but works perfectly fine if you want to go for a more subtle effect or to set the cream shade.

I like to use the Real Techniques Sculpting Set to apply the powders and blending them, whilst I prefer to use my fingertips to pat and works the creamy shade. 

I guess it's fair to say I would totally recommend this palette..shame I cannot say the same regarding the second object of this post.

The I Lust Eyeshadow Palette in The Gold Standard has been unfortunately quite disappointing.

The packaging is made of black opaque plastic, nice, clean and sleek and contains six shadows, four are powders and two are creamy.

The consistency of the powders is quite dense and soft, a kind of hybrid in between a powder and a creamy texture.

Laurent is a fantastic deep purple with golden sparkle
Coco is a golden brown
Margiela is a creamy metallic bronze
Vera is a soft gold
Louis is a creamy metallic rose gold
Vivienne is a light pink

As you can see in the swatches, these shadows are full of dimension and highly pigmented.

The problem is, they don't last at all.

In less than an hour, there is nothing left, apart from a creepy and awful deep oily line into the crease.

I do not have oily lids so this is not a problem related to my of skin.

I  have tried few primers and no primer at all, but it just doesn't get any better.

The creamy ones are the worse, I apply them in the centre of the lid patting with my little finger or with a small brush, give it 30 minutes and it's nowhere to be seen.

This is not the first time that I have this problem with Sleek shadows, especially the creamy ones.

I would like to know if somebody has a better experience with these or if you agree with me this palette doesn't really deserve to be purchased.

Both these palettes are £9.99 and are available in Boots, Superdrug and Sleek

Let me know what do you think.


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