Saturday, 14 November 2015


Good Morning!

That's it, we got it, Manchester has finally seen the opening of its own Kiko Milano store.

I literally stalked Pr's, social medias, Trafford Centre's Customer Service to find out when the store was gonna be open, when few nights ago the Manchester store popped out on the Kiko website.

I phoned straight away to ask if it was open and yayyy, the answer was the one I was waiting for.

I finally managed to go and have a good browse last Wednesday and it did not disappoint my expectations.

The trademark white shiny stands offer a perfect display of all the products.

You will have to get used to the Kiko reality: you need something? They have got it.

Skincare, make up, make up tools, it's all there for you.

Can we take a minute to appreciate the display of lipstick?

Gloss, matte, nudes, reds, long lasting, sheer effects, you just need to choose.

Same for nail polishes and eye shadows, where you can choose texture and effect, with a chance to build up your own personalised palette with the Infinity Shadows and the Clics System.

Incredibly smart is the clear tape available to try all the nail polishes that you want without looking like a 10 years old that has been playing with mummy's make up bag.

At the moment, the ace in the sleeve is, of course, the Christmas collection "Cosmic Starlet", with some amazing limited edition sets and gift ideas.

If all the variety of make up offered is a bit overwhelming for you,  you can book a make up session with the Kiko make up artist available in store that can introduce you to the brand and help you find some must have of the brand.

My must have? Everything.



  1. Hope you can help, but what shops are near the kiko store as I can't find it!

    1. Hi It's upstairs, just on the righe side of selfridges


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