Sunday, 8 November 2015


My hair and me: I could write a book about it.
I love, adore, the colour: the blackest dark black, heritage of my beautiful Grandmother.

All the rest, is a mess. It's not straight, not curly, incredibly frizzy and if I style it, 5 minutes and it will need a retouch, with a strong temptation to buy a wig.

I do not tent to use a lot of styling product because I tent to end up with flat and greasy hair.

At the moment I am wearing micro ring extension and I have to dedicate a not more time and attention to styling it if I do not want to end up with a tangled mess.

My usual to-go look sees loose soft curls and this time, I have lucky in the results, thanks to this.

The Joyride is a Primer Balm that helps giving texture to the hair and hold to your style.

I was sent a little sample by the PR when it first launched this past September and I already bought a full size tube.

It has got a thick consistence and once you start to work it on the hair, it kind of turns into a powder balm.

I apply it on dump hair, using my finger first followed by a paddle brush, proceeding with my usual blow dry.

I use a curling wand to recreate that soft bouncy mix of curls and the balm really works to create that grip and texture to my normally thin and frizzy hair.

The curls that I normally get are not that defined and polished as the ones I obtain using the Joyride.

Just styled
I could talk about the silica and elastomers present in the formula we prefer talking results and believe me, this clear, soft, transparent balm, works pretty well.

After one hour
What really impressed me was how nicely soft and perfect was my hair after an entire day.

Look at the before and after pictures and you will understand what I mean.

After 6 hours
I only use a little bit per time, I guess a tube will last me forever.

Christmas Party hair is sorted!


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