Sunday, 4 October 2015


Who doesn't want to spend an afternoon testing luxurious fragrances in one of the most exclusive location of the city?

No me, for sure!

I was totally delighted to be invited to a very intimate event few weeks back, where I was introduced to the most exclusive selection of Christian Dior Fragrances, la Collection Privee.

Held in the top spot of the moment, the Club Brass in the Gotham Hotel, the event was a show cast of what surely isn't the common kind of fragrances you see around in the shops.

The Dior's team from Selfridges was absolutely brilliant to explain every single scent of the collection, going through the different ingredients, meanings, inspirations and everything that makes this fragrances so special and unique.

There are 10 different fragrances and I was completely lost in the stories behind each one of it.

My favourite had to be Grand Bal with its strong jasmin note and  Ambre Nuit, where rose and ambergris (do not ask me what is this, you could feel sick, just trust me when I tell you that despite its origins smells just divine) are combined into this very particular scent.

Unfortunately all this luxury doesn't come cheap, the 125ml bottle will cost you £125 but if you are looking for a very unique and rare scent, you may want to indulge in one of these precious bottles.

If you want to give a good sniff around, you can book an appointment at the Dior counter in Selfridges where any of the lovely SA will explain you all the stories related to the different fragrances and will help you choose the perfect one.

Thank you so much to Selfridges, Hotel Gotham and Club Brass for such an amazing night, it was a pleasure to be there.

I will talk to you very soon, now i can start to feel depressed knowing tomorrow it's Monday.

Good night!


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