Sunday, 25 October 2015


Hello my dears,
hope you are all doing nice and well.
I am rocking my Saturday night tuckled into bed with Adorable Dog snoring at my side (you can tell my Perfect Husband is away, can't you!) and believe me, that's the only thing I want to do right now.

I have got some health issues that are getting worse and the situation is getting out of hands at the moment, so I'd rather stay alone at home then spending the night going around or explain people why I look miserable.

I am supposed to go back to Italy next month and I really hope I can make it, Venice is calling and I really need some family time with my Mum and Dad.

So tonight I want to introduce you to the new Neal's Yard Remedies space that opened its door in King Street Manchester few weeks ago.

Now, I don't want to call it a shop, because it wouldn't be right: it is a relaxing oasis, that's what is it.

It's the kind of place you want to go after a day shopping, to have some time for yourself, relaxing and chilling, choosing some high quality skincare that doesn't break the bank.

No need to rush or to elbow to reach the make up counter, no crazy music on full blast, no sales assistants ready to sell you their mothers, this place is where you can just browse around the shelves trying creams, swatching cosmetics and choosing some supplements or a new scented oil for your house.

I was invited to have a look around and the first thing I was impressed with was the variety of products and services offered.

From skincare (you need to try the Wild Rose Beauty Balm, works miracle on dry patches) to make up, from Herbal Remedies to supplements, not to mention the entire Frankincense Intense range that I would buy in bulk, it was very hard to resist the temptation to fill a basked with blue pots and bottles.

 On the night of the event I purchased the Organic Eye Make Up Remover.

I am extremely sensitive when it comes to eye make up remover and eye creams, 99% of eye make remover make my eyes water for ages and I wake up like a panda.

I found the Neal's Yard one extremely gentle and delicate, I use it to soak some cotton pads that I leave for few seconds on my eyes and that's it, make up gone and happy eyes!

The store has got some treatment rooms downstairs, where you can get pampered with every kind of massages, facials, aromatherapy, plus, more specific treatments as reflexology, osteopathey and physiotherapy.

I was offered a hot stone massage and I did not regret the choice.
In Sarah Nelson's hands, I felt like all my tension was dissolving, I could have slept on that bed.
I plan to visit her again soon, her hands are magic.

If you are around Manchester and you want to go and have a look, the new Neal's Yard Remedies store is located in the heart of the elegant King Street, you cannot miss it.

Here are some contacts details if you want to book for some after shopping/before night out or just "I need some relax" treatments.
Phone number to book: 01618351713
Email: manchester@nealsyardremedies



Monday, 12 October 2015


I can't believe it I am at the end of my 30 days of Kiko initiative, I am really gonna miss it, damn it I should have done 60 days of Kiko instead.

Today's product deserves a full review because it's incredibly good and I believe it really deserves a place in Kiko's permanent collection.

The CC Cream Cushion System was part of the spring collection 2015.

I bought it more intrigued by the cushion system than by the foundation itself but I was incredibly surprised by its quality when I started to play with it.

I am sure you are familiar with the cushion system: it is basically a compact case that contains a sponge completely impregnated with a fluid foundation.

To apply it, you will need to press the sponge applicator onto the cushion.

Last year Lancome came out with a cushion system, a first in the European market and few months later, Kiko followed with the release of this Cc cream.

The original cushion system comes from the oriental market, where they have been around for a while now.

Now, back to Kiko.

The sleek and neat silver mirrored packaging is incredibly nice to look at but not very friendly when it comes to fingerprints.

Inside, there is a little compartment that allocates the sponge applicator that once open, reveals the sponge.

The minimal pressure will see the fluid foundation coming out of the sponge.

The foundation itself is quite thick and I must say I did not put my trust on it, it just looked too dense and cakey.

How wrong I was!

This foundation blends like a dream, leaving the most natural and smooth complexion, with a incredible velvet finish.

The coverage is medium/high and I have been able to skip the concealer in case of spots by just adding a bit of foundation patting it with a beauty blender lookalike.

I am not a big fan of the sponge applicator, so what I do is applying the foundation with the applicator first but then I work it and blend it with a complexion or foundation brush.

I set it with a transparent powder and here is another reason why I love this foundation so much: it lasts, and it lasts a long time!

I can go from morning till night without the need to retouch it or re-applying it if I am going out after work.

I have used different setting powders and the results are all the same, a brilliant lasting performance.

I am normally mac nc30 and I reached a perfect match with the warm beige 30.

I really hope Kiko will repromote this foundation in its permanent line or at least in some of the next collections, c'mon Kiko I need some back ups.

Apparently Topshop is coming out with a cushion system next spring, let's see if that one is any good!


Wednesday, 7 October 2015


I am sure I told you this story 4749 millions time but, hey, do you wanna know something ? My Mum had a make up shop!

I was raised playing with make up and perfumes and if there is a brand that I remember, for its iconic artistic bottles, for its elegant make up cases..and for the waiting list associated for some must haves, is Guerlain.

Every time I visit in House of Fraser I indulge at the counter, testing make up, drooling on the new collections and going back with memories, closing my eyes and trying some very well known  perfumes (aahh Samsara, if your bottle could talk...).

When I was invited for a personal introduction to the brand, my very posh answer was "Oh hell yes!!!", so together with Lily, Irena and Precious Baby, I spent few hours mesmerised by scents, creams, oils and make up.

The first thing we did, was going through the Guerlain fragrances wardrobe, that goes from some of the most famous perfumes of history, as the aforementioned Samsara, Shalimar, Champs Elysees, Mitsouko, to the more recent releases as La Petite Robe Noire and L'Instant de Guerlain.

Every single one of this perfumes gives me that idea of a personal elegance, these are not what you will smell on everybody and their mother, these are fragrances that will make you feel exclusive and different, the signature of this brand.

Guerlain skincare is pure luxury, starting from the packaging, where every single bottle, pot, ampoule is so stylish it could be left on your bathroom shelf as an ornament.

My eyes were all for the Abeille Royale Eye Sculpt Serum, packed with healing ingredients to repair wrinkles around the too delicate eye area and the Abeille Royale Face Oil, that can be used on its own or underneath your normal face cream.

Guerlain was actually one of the first brand to come out with a cleansing balm, at a time when gel washes where the rule, the Creme Secret de Bonne Femme was one of the rare cleansing creams around and now The Creme de Beaute' has been reformulated with white tea, jasmine and musk.

The final part of our visit was all about make up.

Guerlain's Christmas and Summer collections are the one I am always looking forward to see.
It's not holiday season if the Terracotta collection is not out and the exquisite packaging of the festive releases are the most coveted presents in between all us beauty addicted.

There Guerlain eyeshadows palettes are legendary beautiful to look at and to use and this year's new ones did not disappoint me.

The Bloom Of Rose Fall 2015 collection introduced two new palettes, Les Cendres where dusty pink, mauve and cream are the main shades and Beaugrenelle, with the combination of gray taupe and blue.

After swatching and trying all I could fit on my wrist, on top of my wishlist there are three products.

* Ombre Eclat Base Paupiere

An eyeshaodw primer that comes in a case, has a solid consistency, helps to even out the eyelid, doesn't crease and helps longevity of the shadow.
The consistency is very peculiar, it appears solid to start to but then, once you start to work it on the lid, it melts and glides onto the skin.

* Kiss Kiss Lip Lift

Another prepping product, this time for lips.
As its collegue, it smooths the lip making the lipstick application easier, lasting longer and keeps lips hydrated.

* Meteorites Baby Glow Fluide De Tint Lumiere 

This can be applied by itself or as a base, works magic on the skin giving a flawless, poreless and glowing look, I tried this myself few months back and I was utterly impressed with the results. 

All this comes with a price. Guerlain is one of the most established luxury beauty brand and all this doesn't come cheap.
But sometimes, this makes the purchase of that red lipstick even more spacial isn't it (I keep my Les Meteorites on my vanity table!)?

I spotted on Instagram the Christmas Collection and I must admit, I don't think I will be able to resist to the new palette.
If you are like me a fan of the brand, I can totally recommend the counter in House of Fraser, these guys know what are they talking about and I am sure they will give you the right advices.

Thank you so much Charlotte for having us, for coping with my messy Precious Baby and for the sample box. I cannot wait to try everything!


Sunday, 4 October 2015


Who doesn't want to spend an afternoon testing luxurious fragrances in one of the most exclusive location of the city?

No me, for sure!

I was totally delighted to be invited to a very intimate event few weeks back, where I was introduced to the most exclusive selection of Christian Dior Fragrances, la Collection Privee.

Held in the top spot of the moment, the Club Brass in the Gotham Hotel, the event was a show cast of what surely isn't the common kind of fragrances you see around in the shops.

The Dior's team from Selfridges was absolutely brilliant to explain every single scent of the collection, going through the different ingredients, meanings, inspirations and everything that makes this fragrances so special and unique.

There are 10 different fragrances and I was completely lost in the stories behind each one of it.

My favourite had to be Grand Bal with its strong jasmin note and  Ambre Nuit, where rose and ambergris (do not ask me what is this, you could feel sick, just trust me when I tell you that despite its origins smells just divine) are combined into this very particular scent.

Unfortunately all this luxury doesn't come cheap, the 125ml bottle will cost you £125 but if you are looking for a very unique and rare scent, you may want to indulge in one of these precious bottles.

If you want to give a good sniff around, you can book an appointment at the Dior counter in Selfridges where any of the lovely SA will explain you all the stories related to the different fragrances and will help you choose the perfect one.

Thank you so much to Selfridges, Hotel Gotham and Club Brass for such an amazing night, it was a pleasure to be there.

I will talk to you very soon, now i can start to feel depressed knowing tomorrow it's Monday.

Good night!

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