Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Sometimes I wonder why we still call our mobile, the "phone".

Despite used of course to do phone calls, 99% of things we do with the mobile doesn't have anything to do with "talking", it's all about the web, the apps, the pictures etc.

The fact I live quite far from my family and friends, especially after becoming a mother, makes the fact I want to take good pictures and share them absolutely vital and the fact I am a blogger means every lipstick deserves a decent snap to be shown on Insta.

That's why I couldn't miss the event organised by Three Mobile Uk within the #makeitright campaign, where me and some other bloggers were invited to a masterclass on mobile photography  with one of the most important Manchester based photographer and photography tutor, Aidan O'Rourke.

We all met in the super cool Ziferblat Cafe in the Northen Quarter, where we had a look to Aidan's work and listen to some good advices and tips.

Aidan was great to make the masterclass extremely interactive, with easily explained concepts and example of all the aspects he was discussing.

He picked some pictures taken from our blogs and discussed with us what could have been improved in terms of composition, light etc.

After this first talk, we ventured around the glamorous Northen Quarter for some action, practicing with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 we were given on the day (Thank you Samsung!)

There are some intersting spots in the NQ that I plan to visit again very soon and it did not really take long for all of us to be all over little alleys and hidden corner to catch some good shots.

We then headed back to the Ziferblat, where we had the chance to review the pictures taken, play with some studio lighting kit and ask some final questions to Aidan.

It was a fantastic day, I am planning to attend some of Aidan's photography walks...and to have a better look to that fantastic S6.

The pictures are stunning, crispy and there are endless options to edit them.

Thank you so much Three Mobile for such a fun day, as if I needed to be more obsessed with pictures...


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