Friday, 4 September 2015


Back in spring, beauty world was introduced to the newest foundation's concept, the cushion compact.

First it was Lancome, then Kiko but, as for the BB creams few years back, the cushion foundation was firstly formulated and sold in the intriguing Korean/Asian market.

It looks like the cushion system is gonna see an increased range of products because, look what I got here??

A cushion eyeliner!

I spotted it on eBay and I decided that for 4 quids, it was worthy giving it a go.

The brand is called Music Flower. Never heard before.

It comes with a little angled brush that, I have to admit, it's pretty decent and does the job.

The eyeliner itself is inside the sponge and a little pressure will be enough to impregnate the brush completely.

I do not agree with calling this a "gel" eyeliner: this is the most liquid eyeliner I have ever seen, it looks like pure black ink.

The brush is quite firm so I was able to get a nice and neat line.

It dries out very quickly so if you like to smudge this eyeliner you may find this awkward.

The claim it lasts 24 hours could be true, despite I have never had it on for more than 12, without any smudge or transfer noticed.

Will I buy this again?

Mmm probably no, despite loving the deep black shade I don't really find very easy dealing with the liquid formula, I am just a gel person me.

If you want to give this a try, just look for "cushion eyeliner" on eBay and you will find it.

Have a great week end everybody!

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