Monday, 14 September 2015


The joy of this fantastic eBay find!!!!
I hate washing my make up brushes, I bet you do too, but isn't it a bit more stylish with this?

I spotted it for the first time on Instagram but the official retail price was totally out of my budget.

Then one night I was browsing dear old eBay for some new blending brushes and in between the items sold by the chosen seller, I spotted it at a fraction of the price.


It arrived in a couple of weeks, folded and protected by that brown paper you see in the picture.

Once that comes out the shiny black plexiglass holder is ready (and easy) to be assembled.

It comes in three different measures, small medium and large and in three colours, white, black and black and white.

Each space has silicone triangular valves that hold the brush in place, quite firmly really.

It can be used of course for every kind of brush and similar tools, craft and nail art instruments included.

I paid £9.72 quids for each stand from the seller redbeauty888881 but if you put "make up brushes air drying holder stand" you will be able to find more seller and maybe better deals.

Hope you find this useful as much as I do!


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