Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Good evening everybody.

As you know, I am over the moon for the opening of the Kiko Milano shop in the Manchester Trafford Centre so over my instagram, I am posting a picture a day of a Kiko product for the #30daysofkiko.

Today's product is one of my favourite so I decided to dedicate to it a full review on the blog.

The Unlimited Stylo is part of the long lasting lipstick family.

The first thing I noticed when I swatched it was how incredibly intense is the pigmentation.

The swatches you see on my hand are the result of one single coat.

It's quite a dense texture, incredibly creamy.

After the application, it dries out a little bit but I won't call it a matte lipstick.

It lasts good hours but no, sorry, it doesn't resist a full lunch.

Nevermind, the packaging is so nice it well deserves to be shown for a quick re application.

It is paraben free and comes in 14 shades, priced £6.90.

I went of course for the 07 Cherry Red, a perfect full force red.

On my wishlist now, 01 Pearly Rose Coral and 04 Pearly Tangerine.

I would love to know what's inside your Kiko wishlist!

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