Thursday, 17 September 2015


Good news make up lovers!

We have got some news from H&M, that came out last week with a brand new make up line.

I visited the Market Street Store (Manchester) store to check out the AW15 studio collection (yes, I can confirm you it's as ugly and bad as it looks online, my money are safe) and I was completely blown away by the brand new cosmetic counter standing in front of me.

I mean, H&M used to have make up before but it was a messy bunch of cheap packaging with no testers and a very poor presentation.

Now things, thanks God, have changed.

The packaging is sleek and posh, very neat and classy with black or white opaque plastic cases.

There is a full range of make up available now, foundations, bb creams, powders, blushes, shadows, palettes etc and everything is very organised, in sealed boxes and with all the testers available.

The nail polishes section is pretty impressive, with varnishes available in every single colour, same is the eyeshadows range, available in single pans, palettes and cream shadows.

Along the cosmetic line, comes a revamped selection of make up tools as brushes, sponges, eyelashes and press on nails.

Best part? Prices are absolutely affordable, with lipstick sold for £7.99, single shadows £4.99 and palette £9.99.

I have so many lipsticks, shadows, blushes I would need 10 lives to go through everything so I decided not to buy anything...ah ah ah do I sound sincere?

Of course I bought something, I mean seriously do you expect me to walk away from a brand new make up line? NEVER!

Stay tuned for haul, swatches and first impressions.


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  1. Hi Dear
    First of all thank you for this awesome review on the HM beauty Line. I currently only use Estée Lauder and I would like find out matching HM All day foundation of my shade. Usually the Double Wear Shades like Pebble, Dusk, Tawny or Ivory Beige works for me. My local HM store does not have this beauty department so is it possible for you to find the matching shades in HM with those Estée foundations?

    Sincerely Maryam
    From USA


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