Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Good evening everybody.

As you know, I am over the moon for the opening of the Kiko Milano shop in the Manchester Trafford Centre so over my instagram, I am posting a picture a day of a Kiko product for the #30daysofkiko.

Today's product is one of my favourite so I decided to dedicate to it a full review on the blog.

The Unlimited Stylo is part of the long lasting lipstick family.

The first thing I noticed when I swatched it was how incredibly intense is the pigmentation.

The swatches you see on my hand are the result of one single coat.

It's quite a dense texture, incredibly creamy.

After the application, it dries out a little bit but I won't call it a matte lipstick.

It lasts good hours but no, sorry, it doesn't resist a full lunch.

Nevermind, the packaging is so nice it well deserves to be shown for a quick re application.

It is paraben free and comes in 14 shades, priced £6.90.

I went of course for the 07 Cherry Red, a perfect full force red.

On my wishlist now, 01 Pearly Rose Coral and 04 Pearly Tangerine.

I would love to know what's inside your Kiko wishlist!


Hello make up junkies,

as promised on my previous H&M beauty post, I am gonna show you what I bought from this amazingly revamped make up line.

First of all, lips!

Will I ever be able to leave a cosmetics shop without a signature red lipstick? It doesn't look possible.

I got the Velvet lip cream in the shade Le Beau Monde.

It's a deep coral red that applies as a mousse texture but dries out completely matte.

It's incredibly similar in consistency to the MUA Luxe ones but it stays better on the lips and doesn't flake or peel.

The sponge applicator is easy to use but maybe you will need some help from a tiny lip brush to define better the corner of the lips, considering that once it dries out it's difficult to remove it.

It lasted ages but I find the retouches easy to do without really having to remove it before applying a new coat.

Finally, it has got a fruity scent that may not be nice for some of you but I personally don't mind.

For £6.99 I would give it a go.

Eyeshadow!!!! I was tempted to buy all the beiges and browns, they all look so pretty but I was a good girl and I only got this Single Eyeshadow in sun worship.

It has got a kind of metal-frost finish and this particular shade is a fantastic pewter with a silver shine.


This shadow has to be used with a primer to have the perfect result; it doesn't crease without but the shade is quite amplified if applied after a good base.

The last things I got were a couple of cream eyeshadows.

Top marks for the little glass pot, very posh and stylish.
The consistency is in between a mousse and a cream.

I have been ditching the brush for these shadows, the application works miles better with my fingertips!

"Champers" is a soft caramel brown/pink. is one of the most beautiful nude shadow I own and it works perfectly as a base for smoky eyes.

"Countess" is a frosty pink, completely matte.

They both work perfectly as a wash allover the lid, I just add a bit of dark brown in the outer corner and lots of black eyeliner on top and bottom lash line and that's it, all done.

This is the end of the haul...but I have got the feeling is not gonna be long till I pay a little visit to the H&M store to explore more products.

My eyes are on the Powder Blushers and on the Cream Blushers.

Please let me know if you got anything from the line and what do you think about it or if you want me to test something in particular, I am open to options!

Good Night!


Sunday, 27 September 2015


Hello my dears and welcome back to my blog.

Today I want to share with you some pictures from the Puffa event I attended few days ago.

My bad, I did not know anything about this brand but when I was invited to their AW15 preview in Manchester I did my research and found out we are talking about one of the most established UK clothing brand during the 90'.

Jodie Kidd was, at the time, one of the models for the campaign and guess what, those incredible stylish jackets are back for this coming winter.

I had a good browse in between the different models and I tried some on.

Of course I had to go for the silver shiny one...

What I really liked was the fact all the styles look very lightweight and warm at the same time, I did not feel like an elephant wearing a coat for once!

 We had a very nice time, trying jackets on, enjoying delicious food from The Hip Hop Chip Shop and snapping pictures for the event competition to win a Fujifilm Instax mini camera * sob sob I did not win*.

You can have a look to the full collection on the official website HERE and of course, you can follow these guys all over social media on #puffaoriginal.

Thank you so much to Katie for the invite, The Hip Hop Chip Shop for my crab burger (yummi!), Baylis and Harding for the gift and of course my favourite Spa in Manchester, Skin Health Spa, for yet another very appreciated present.

Have a good night, kiss you all good night!


Thursday, 17 September 2015


Good news make up lovers!

We have got some news from H&M, that came out last week with a brand new make up line.

I visited the Market Street Store (Manchester) store to check out the AW15 studio collection (yes, I can confirm you it's as ugly and bad as it looks online, my money are safe) and I was completely blown away by the brand new cosmetic counter standing in front of me.

I mean, H&M used to have make up before but it was a messy bunch of cheap packaging with no testers and a very poor presentation.

Now things, thanks God, have changed.

The packaging is sleek and posh, very neat and classy with black or white opaque plastic cases.

There is a full range of make up available now, foundations, bb creams, powders, blushes, shadows, palettes etc and everything is very organised, in sealed boxes and with all the testers available.

The nail polishes section is pretty impressive, with varnishes available in every single colour, same is the eyeshadows range, available in single pans, palettes and cream shadows.

Along the cosmetic line, comes a revamped selection of make up tools as brushes, sponges, eyelashes and press on nails.

Best part? Prices are absolutely affordable, with lipstick sold for £7.99, single shadows £4.99 and palette £9.99.

I have so many lipsticks, shadows, blushes I would need 10 lives to go through everything so I decided not to buy anything...ah ah ah do I sound sincere?

Of course I bought something, I mean seriously do you expect me to walk away from a brand new make up line? NEVER!

Stay tuned for haul, swatches and first impressions.

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