Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Sometimes getting lost can lead to exciting findings.

I was wondering around Altrincham, looking for a hair salon I had never been before, when I found the cutest tea room.

Situated in Railway Street, where the post office used to be, a newly renovated shopping floor opened few weeks ago and, surprise surprise, hides a vintage style tea room.

The Old Post Rooms is basically an open space where different retails have their own corner. There is jewellery, furniture, homeward, clothes and right at the back, the tea room.

I must admit, I was enchanted.

Crystal chandeliers, old style chairs and crockery, provençale style terrace are what made me fell in love with it.

I tried the pavlova, the meringue was delicious and I will definitely come back to try more.

If you are looking for a relaxing place for your afternoon tea, you may have found it; I spotted a long selection of different teas on the menu and of cours, food is served aswell.

The Old Post Rooms is few minutes walking distance from the Metrolink station of Altrincham.
I cannot find any website or social media account, but I found this article that can give you a better idea of how gorgeous this place is and all the retailers you'll find there.

Let me know if you visit it and what do you think!



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