Sunday, 21 June 2015


Ciao Belle!

Have you ever been on the bus, on the tram, in your car, at the end of a long day of work, thinking "I cannot wait to be home so I can take my bra off?".

Have you ever had the urge to undo your bra hoping nobody was gonna notice cos it was too uncomfortable, maybe after a meal?

I am sure you have.

Myself? At least once..a day.

Well I have got news for you: it may be because you are wearing a completely wrong size.

I learned a lot about bras and bra's fitting last Wednesday when Next in the Arndale, introduced me and some fellow bloggers to the new collection and the new Free Fitting Service now available in store.

Next's stylist Martyne Alexander explained us the golden rules on how to choose the perfect piece.

First of all, a bra needs to support your boobs, that's why you need to have the right cup.

Second but not less important, it has to fit perfectly all around your back and over the underarm area, that's why you need to be measured.

If too tight, it can cause back pain, tension and that urge of getting naked in public we were discussing before.

If too big, it can be loose and failing to give your breast a good support.

In both cases, a ill fitting bra is just uncomfortable, useless and can affect your total outfit.

That's why having a bra fitting service is always a good idea and from now on, you can have it in Next in Manchester Arndale.

I couldn't wait to be measured and once my size was confirmed as a 36 B, I tried some styles of the Next's incredible collection.

I was tempted by the ombre' line, I indulged a lot browsing around the bold red and green...but at the end I shortlisted a delicate soft pink silk number and a bright lace pink one.

And the winner is.....

...The Phoebe Luxury Longline Bra.

I have been looking for a nude bra to wear underneath white shirts and dresses for ages, this is perfect and a much more elegant alternative to a plain white t shirt bra.

The silk is soft and the details of the lace and the v shape in between the cups makes it a bit different and even more comfortable.

Now, I am sure you are very curious to go and try the fitting service yourself, you may find out you are wearing the wrong size and at least you have got a perfect excuse to shop some new lingerie.

Good Night!



  1. Yes!! The Pheobe bra was my favourite too!!

    1. I adore it, I am considering buying the pewter one too!


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