Friday, 12 June 2015


Good Evening!

Do not ask me why, even if tomorrow morning's alarm is set for 6 am, I am here watching You Tube videos, doing my nails and blogging.

Ok let's talk nails.

I had this manicure done at the Quiz event in Manchester Arndale few months back and when I came back home the first thing I did was looking online where to buy this shade.

I am talking about the prettiest bubble gum pink I have ever seen, aka Models Inc. Brompton Place.

It's a very rich shade, perfect SS pastel pink, so intense it looked like I hade fake nails or gel nails.

The Manicure was done by the lovely Claire (that offers home service if you are interested) and stayed immaculate for more than three days, which is, on my crappy, weak nails, what can be called a miracle.

The polish is very thick and dense, so that the application requires a bit of attention to avoid lumps or bubbles, but it remains an incredibly good varnish.

A brief note regarding my jewellery, the pink and brown leather bracelet are from Swarovski (Sales are on at the moment, hide my purse!) whilst the yellow bangle and the studded cuff are from Juicy Couture, bought at the Cheshire Oaks Outlet.

Let me know what do you think or if there is any other nail polish I should try for this summer.

Good night!


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