Saturday, 27 June 2015


 Good Afternoon nice People.

You don't need a particular season, a special occasion, a defined reason to do the following things:

- Eat chocolate
-Cuddle your dog/cut/hubby
-Wear a red lipstick
-Buy something pink

That's quite a detailed list of things that make me feel happy.

Today we are talking about point number 3, more specifically about a brand new red lippie that I have been wearing and loving in the past weeks.

 The L.A.Girls flat finish pigment gloss is, have a guess, a matte cream lipstick.

It looks like the list of brand releasing liquid lipsticks is growing day by day and, thanks God for that, together with the expensive ones there are some pretty decent purse friendly alternatives around, as this one.

I spotted it first on Instagram  and after few days of its release I bought it on eBay, where I paid around 5 pounds shipping from USA for it and no custom charges. 

I apply it straight from the sponge  applicator and the creamy formula spreads nicely without being patchy with multiple layering as I have experienced with other similar liquid lipsticks (Bourjois for example).

I normally go for two coats for full coverage.

After few minutes from the application, the sensation left is basically the same of you not wearing lipstick at all.

It is absolutely weightless, velvety,  doesn't dry out the lips, doesn't flake and it's not sticky.

It lasted quite few hours but I had to re-apply it after a meal, well fair enough, if a lipstick can survive a drink and a chat and doesn't land on my front teeth,  it's fine for me.

When I went to re apply it, I did not have to remove the previous layer, it was a quick and easy touch up as for a normal lipstick.

The shade "Obsessed" is a perfect blu based red, but I must warn you that the bright bold shade you see in the pictures tents to fade after a bit after the application, leaving a more intense and matte red.

Here is the link to the Ebay seller I used,Hfor such a bargain price I will probably pick more, there are other 16 shades to explore!


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