Thursday, 28 May 2015


Tonight Manchester's blogger were invited to salute the launch of a new online shop.

Isn't it the best when you manage to put a face to a company that you would only know through a screen?

In this case, the faces were two, the beautiful Lauren and Vicky, that translated their love for fashion and friendship into this brand new online retailer: Catwalk Killa!!!

The event was held in the heart of Manchester trendy scene, aka Northern Quarter, more precisely in Lammars (check it out if you can, such an amazing place!).

In between a drink and some treats from the sweets bar, I could admire some of the garments.

The printed co ord and the black lace dress were the first things that I spotted.

We were asked to choose a favourite dress for a kind of competition and I did not have any doubt about my choice: the floral printed strap dress, that I totally picture wearing on a summer night when on holiday.

Here is the link for the website and despite only having a small selection, it looks like we will see much more from these two girls, so keep an eye on it!

Good night and I hope to talk to you soon (Resuscitation of my laptop currently going on)!!!


Sunday, 10 May 2015


Ciao Belli!

Today I want to forget the rain and the cold we are having here in Manchester (as you would expect in May!) sharing with you some outfit pictures I took few weeks ago, when sun was shining and probably every single UK blogger was out there with a camera.

The main subject of the outfit is this black Primark jumpsuit I bought last month.

I cannot remember how much I paid but, you know how it works with primark, price it's never an issue, I believe it was around 20 quids.

I love jumpsuits, I actually ADORE this.

It's made of a thick, solid fabric that doesn't crease, it looks much more expensive than it actually is, it's one of those piece that will have people saying "I can't believe it's Primark!".

It comes with a little belt but I did not like it so I normally wear mine without.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, have a nice week end you all!

Jumpsuit: primark
Sunglasses; Elle from TKmaxx
Lipstick: Sephora
Jewellery: Swarovsky, Nomination, Thomas Sabo, Ti Sento 
Shoes: Melissa for Vivienne Westwood

Saturday, 9 May 2015


Hello Ladies!

Cancel your plans for this week end because Saturday I have got a special appointment for you: Selfridges!

Brace yourself for a full immersion in beauty, express treatments, new collections and personal services, all there waiting for you.

The Work it! event is addressed to all us women that have to combine a very busy life with the pleasure of some time spent treating ourselves that, believe me, can really make a difference!

That's why Selfridges promoted the big beauty lunch breaks, where personal advices and services are provided in very little time.

Saturday 9th will be the turn of YSL, showing you some make up tricks and offering makeovers.

At the end of the month the Work It initiative will move to the Selfridges Trafford Centre and here is the schedule:

Thursday 28th May- Bobbi Brown Secret to On the Go Make up to find out about how to apply a effortless make up and you will be treated with refreshments and a tote bag.

Friday 29th may- Nars Make Up Your Mind where you can choose in between Smokey Eyes, Cheeck Technique and Full Power Pout and preview the new Christopher Kane collection (sign me up for this!!!)

Saturday 30th May - Illamasqua will teach you how to contour as a pro in a fraction of the time.

The new Spring/Summer collection have landed so there is no better time to let yourself going a bit crazy around the Selfridges beauty Lounge (forget the fact it's raining cats and dogs and it's bloody cold).

The big highlight of the Work It event was, for me, the talk held tonight by the legendary Illamasqua's Creative Director Alex Box and the Head of Professional Developer Spob O'Brien.

We waited for the ladies sipping cocktails and eating cakes from La Farmacia del Dolce (situated on the same floor of the beauty department in Selfridges Exchange) and when the ladies came in, well, it was just inspiration on full blast, they are an explosion of creativity and a manifesto of where  determination and personality can take you.

They have been there with us answering questions, laughing, having pictures and just showing to be  the extraordinary people I have always imagine they were.

Well done Selfridges for organising all this and..well, you know where to find me tomorrow (my eyes are on the Courreges for Estee Lauder collection).

Good Night!


Wednesday, 6 May 2015



Do we all agree skincare is one of the most important part of our daily beauty routine right?

Gone are the days when we were going to bed without cleansing, double cleansing, toning, moisturising our pretty faces and there is a constant dropping of new products to be added to our list.

The concept of treating skin problems from the inside it's not new: think about supplements and vitamins tablets that are specifically formulated to reduce wrinkles, improve complexion etc etc.

Now, what if, instead of a boring, tasteless tablet, there was something definitely more enjoyable to a Beauty Drink!

Yes, finally we can drink a magic potion and be absolutely stunning in a blink...ok I am only joking but I think you get the concept.

I was invited to the launch event of the Beauty&Go beauty drinks in Selfridges few weeks ago and I personally tested the drinks for a month.

Beauty & Go drinks are packed with macro-antyoxidants that help to detox, revitalise, de-stress your skin.

There are 4 different kinds of flavours, with different targets:

Purple: Anti Ageing
Rich of collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E and orange, hibiscus, raspberry,  pomegranate extracts

Green: Detox
Purifying and detoxifying effect thanks to collagen, hyaluronic acid, cucumber, spirulina algae, artichoke, orange fibre, broccoli, dandelion, spinach, mint and nettle, citrulline, natural olive fruit extract, resveratrol, zinc and vitamin C.

Energy boost for the skin provided by  pineapple, ginkgo biloba, guarana, orange fibre, green tea, baobab, lemongrass, citrulline, coenzyme Q10, resveratrol, pantothenic acid, vitamins C, B6, B12 and provitamin A.

Pink: Radiant
Plumping and glowing effect, thanks to the usual collagen and hyaluronic acid, together with red grape, rosehip, green tea, orange fibre, aloe vera, citrulline, natural olive fruit extract, resveratrol, zinc and vitamins B7, B3, A and C.

All the drinks are Gluten Free, Calories reduced and with no Added Sugars.

The adviced quantity to notice the promised results is 3 a day.

I really like the idea of 4 different kinds of drinks and the website provides an accurate review of the ingredients and related effects, with a more than detailed Questions&Answers section here.

I was asked to fill a questionnaire and based on my answers, analysed by Julie my ideal drink is the Vitality (I could not agree more).

I religiously drunk my 3 bottles a day (ok maybe sometimes I forgot and I only had 2) and I was happy with the fruity taste and scent.

Did I notice any effect?

Yes, I did.

I am not gonna tell you my skin went from sandpaper to velvet just because of the drinks.
What I noticed is that, together with a nice and regular skincare routine and a clean eating, it made a difference.

I cut down on sugar and crap food and I am using some good products to clean my skin in the morning and before going to bed and all these worked together for me.

The amount of time I spend doing my base when I apply make up has reduced cos my skin is less dull, spotty and stressed.

If you have to pack a drink with your lunch, forget that coke or that boring juice and give these a go, it will even help you to reach the 5 a day you need.

The Beauty & Go drinks are available to buy in Selfridges and Tesco.

I am gonna try a month of Radiance now, I need some summer glowing!

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