Saturday, 25 April 2015


Good Afternoon Sunshines!

Is it not gorgeous when it's sunny outside....and you are stuck in work???

Thanks God it's not very busy down here so I am taking a little break to write this post.

Essence, my precious Essence, what would I do without you?

I visited the shop inside the Arndale last week end and I left with a little blue bag full of make up.

The fear of not having a complete stand is really make me buying more and more Essence make up.

The new collections available are the clearly Cinderella- inspired "Hidden Stories" and the "I love Nudes".

I did not get anything from the first one, despite loving the mousse eyeshadows and the highlighters, whilst I got few bits from the second one.

The eyeshadows are, in my opinion, the star products of the entire collection.

If you want to buy something from the I love Nudes, buy these.

The consistency is a dream, these are some of the best powders I have ever seen and owned.

The texture is soft and buttery but not too chalky, with a perfect and blendable satin finish.

The shades are my everyday choice, day and night, the kind of selection you can use day and night. I will probably hit the pan very soon considering how much I am using them.

You will find the swatches below (blame the crap blogger app for not letting me organize the pictures as I want) of the 4 shadows that I got.

01 vanilla sugar is a frosty white
02 cake pop is a frosty pink
03 creme brulee is a light creamy brown
04 sweet like chocolate is a caramel brown

My favourite has to be Cake Pop, the pink really suits my skin tone and with a matte black in the crease is the perfect base for my usual smoky eyes.

The collection has some permanent bits that can be found in the stand, as the Pure Nude Powder.

I went for the number 20 nude but it looks to me, due to the fact these are incredibly sheer powders, all the shades are quite transparent and will easily suit every skintone.

Despite being not the best powder in terms of longevity and needing few touch ups during the day I love the very natural matte finish the Nude Powder gives to my face.

I basically own all the Essence powders, reason being I travel a lot and I's d rather put at risk a cheap one than a more expensive one (you would be shocked by the amount of beauty products have found death in my suitcase).

Hope you will find this post interesting, let me know if there is something new from Essence I need to try!

Have a nice day babes!


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