Thursday, 16 April 2015


Hello everybody!!!

I am fighting with a multi failure situation here, Internet doesn't work in the house, blogger doesn't work on my phone and I cannot find the charger for my camera but here I am trying to blog for you.

Few months back, we were literally bombarded with 2737374 previews of the mega collaboration in between the sport giant Adidas and the Happy singer Pharrell Williams.

The project blew me away, completely: the iconic Adidas Superstar shoes rivisited in 50 new colours.

I got my first Adidas Superstar when I was 18 and I lived on them until my foot was too big to fit that size so you can imagine my joy.

I kept looking at the pictures on Instagram trying to make up my mind regarding the colour to get and at the end I decided: magenta, the dark red that kept catching my eyes.

Well, I should have not wasted my time.

The collection sold out as soon as it went on sale online and the shops had a very, stupid, extremely limited selection of 6 or 7 colours.

After the disaster of the Mary Katrantzou collection (remind me to tell you about that), Adidas is really getting on my nerves so I declined their online promise to find me my shoes in two weeks and opted for my second choice.

Considering the collection was launched in stores few weeks ago, there is not much left around, in terms of sizes and colours.

I found mine in Foot Asylum in Manchester Arndale and here I am, proud owner of my second pair of Adidas Superstar.

If you follow me on Instagram (@itsabloggersworld) you know I was torn in between two options, red and blue.

And the winner is........


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