Friday, 20 March 2015



Am I the only one all happy for the fist sunny day we had today??

Spring is in the air, I am sure it's ready in our wardrobe too and nothing it's better than exploring  new collections around the stores when the new seasons arrive.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to an exclusive bloggers event organised by Quiz Clothing held in the Manchester Arndale store.

It was a beautiful evening spent chatting around, eating cupcakes (with our our names on, how cool!) and touching with hands what the brand has to offer.

I use to consider the Quiz shop as a destination for bridesmaid, prom, wedding and party outfits so it was a very pleasant surprise to find out that's a lot more to explore.

Along to the beautiful lace, tulle and crystal decorated dresses I found some beautiful (and much more suitable for every day outfits) pieces.

These were my favourite ones:

The black honeycomb skirt

The comfy wings jumper

The crepe check jumpsuit

You can find these and much more in store and online.

I stongly recommend you to have a good look to the jewellery section, I spotted fewnecklaces and earrings that I will probably end up buying very soon.

Hope you are gonna find something that suits you, I am sure you will not have a problem on that!


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