Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Hello my dears!
Brace yourselves because this review is gonna be bad.
Really, really bad.
I don't think I have ever tried, in all these years of blogging,  in all these years of beauty addiction,  a lipstick so horrible like this one.
I have tried Primark beauty products before and with some hits and misses, I tent to have a very positive opinion of  the range.

This lipstick is not a miss, it's a tragedy.

Unfortunately for me, that day there were no tester available so I bought it, for £1.50, without trying. 
Biggest- mistake- ever.

The texture is a disaster.

The bullet has the hardest consistency I have ever seen, it doesn't glide onto your lips, it's not nice and smooth,  it's not nice at all!

Swatches? Seriously? 

Do you think it was easy to have a decent and even layer of that thing (I refuse to call it lipstick, sorry)?

The shade is a pale soft red, that would probably make anybody look ill.

The application is as difficult and unpleasant as it looks like.

Think about trying to apply those candy fake lipsticks: sticky, rough, dried my lips out, I HATE it!

If you are browsing the Primark beauty section and you see this...run run run and don't look back!



  1. hi! how can I order this product? I'm from the Philippines

  2. weird because i have the same product and it's good it's also really smooth...

  3. Hello,
    i was so worried i could not buy another one as i could no remember where i bought the
    lipstick. i just love, love it so thank you for telling me where i bought it and i'm on my way to Primark right now. Bye,Bye

  4. Hello dear sir I'm Tanvir Rahman Mintu from Bangladesh


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