Sunday, 22 March 2015


Sunday night post is the laziest of the week.

I am absolutely shattered,  Precious Baby needs an exorcism to go through the teething phase he is at the moment and I need an extra dose of Nutella to survive.

So I already mention in a previous post how much I love my Lauren Luke brushes.

I am sooooooo late on this bandwagon but I swear, it looks like these are the only brushes I am using at the moment.

The contour brush is the one I like more, due to the small head it's perfect to use for small pans in the palettes, without taking powders from the pans around.

I managed to find some more on ebay, I got another contour brush, another powder one and an angled brush.


On my make up brushes wish list I have the Real Tecniques bold series, the sculpting kit and the rose gold set from Zoeva.

What's on yours?

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