Saturday, 28 March 2015


Hello everybody!

I do not now where did I find ghe strength to write this blog post, I am so tired I could sleep all the way untill Monday,  but I really wanted to share with you all the newest initiative of the Manchester Arndale so, here I am, cup of tea in one hand, tablet in the other and Adorable Dog on my feet.

This week end the shopping centre is helding a fantastic event in collaboration with the super talented illustrator and author Dom&Ink.

On Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of March, every customer that spends more than £60 in the centre (easy peasy), will be able to receive a t shirt personalized with Dom's illustrations.

For this very special and fashionable occasion, Dom has created different characters representative af our Manchester that you will be able to personalized and have the choosen one printed on a t shirt, all completely free of charge.

I will be there tomorrow morning and I am sure we all know already which characters I will choose.

Isn'tit great?

Head to the Arndale for this week end and remember to visit the Trends Illustrated stand just in front of Next.

I had the chance to meet Dom before, he is one of the nicer person I have ever met and I am looking forward to have my t shirt designed anc printed.

Now, a bit of an oftopic question: am I the only one that finds blogger app totally crap???


Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Hello my dears!
Brace yourselves because this review is gonna be bad.
Really, really bad.
I don't think I have ever tried, in all these years of blogging,  in all these years of beauty addiction,  a lipstick so horrible like this one.
I have tried Primark beauty products before and with some hits and misses, I tent to have a very positive opinion of  the range.

This lipstick is not a miss, it's a tragedy.

Unfortunately for me, that day there were no tester available so I bought it, for £1.50, without trying. 
Biggest- mistake- ever.

The texture is a disaster.

The bullet has the hardest consistency I have ever seen, it doesn't glide onto your lips, it's not nice and smooth,  it's not nice at all!

Swatches? Seriously? 

Do you think it was easy to have a decent and even layer of that thing (I refuse to call it lipstick, sorry)?

The shade is a pale soft red, that would probably make anybody look ill.

The application is as difficult and unpleasant as it looks like.

Think about trying to apply those candy fake lipsticks: sticky, rough, dried my lips out, I HATE it!

If you are browsing the Primark beauty section and you see run run and don't look back!


Sunday, 22 March 2015


Sunday night post is the laziest of the week.

I am absolutely shattered,  Precious Baby needs an exorcism to go through the teething phase he is at the moment and I need an extra dose of Nutella to survive.

So I already mention in a previous post how much I love my Lauren Luke brushes.

I am sooooooo late on this bandwagon but I swear, it looks like these are the only brushes I am using at the moment.

The contour brush is the one I like more, due to the small head it's perfect to use for small pans in the palettes, without taking powders from the pans around.

I managed to find some more on ebay, I got another contour brush, another powder one and an angled brush.


On my make up brushes wish list I have the Real Tecniques bold series, the sculpting kit and the rose gold set from Zoeva.

What's on yours?

Friday, 20 March 2015



Am I the only one all happy for the fist sunny day we had today??

Spring is in the air, I am sure it's ready in our wardrobe too and nothing it's better than exploring  new collections around the stores when the new seasons arrive.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to an exclusive bloggers event organised by Quiz Clothing held in the Manchester Arndale store.

It was a beautiful evening spent chatting around, eating cupcakes (with our our names on, how cool!) and touching with hands what the brand has to offer.

I use to consider the Quiz shop as a destination for bridesmaid, prom, wedding and party outfits so it was a very pleasant surprise to find out that's a lot more to explore.

Along to the beautiful lace, tulle and crystal decorated dresses I found some beautiful (and much more suitable for every day outfits) pieces.

These were my favourite ones:

The black honeycomb skirt

The comfy wings jumper

The crepe check jumpsuit

You can find these and much more in store and online.

I stongly recommend you to have a good look to the jewellery section, I spotted fewnecklaces and earrings that I will probably end up buying very soon.

Hope you are gonna find something that suits you, I am sure you will not have a problem on that!


Sunday, 15 March 2015


Hello my lovely readers,

How sad it is tomorrow it's Monday? I am suffering Sunday blues tonight, totally.

A couple of weeks ago, our instagram/twitter/facebook timelines where completely chock-a-block with Paris, Milan, NY and London Fashion Week reports.

Trends, behind the scenes, catwalks and outfits (some of them, sorry to say that, absolutely ridiculous, get a grip people, it's fashion week not circus week), made me wish I had taken some days off to go and have a better look myself.

Thanks God, the posh giant of the High Street better known as Marks and Spencer, was so kind to share a bit of the London Fashion Week taste with us up north, organising a fashion catwalk here in Manchester, in the Market Street store.

The catwalk itself was introduced by Belinda Earl, style director of M&S and name behind the big renovation seen in the last year and we were treated with an interesting small documentary with highlights from the LFW with some AW15 anticipations.

The show then began, unveiling, let me tell you, some stylish pieces, sartorial cuts and excellent choice of fabrics, prints and palette of colours.
After what we saw, M&S will be definitely a place you will be delighted to shop, look at those outfit!

 If there is something we really need to watch out in M&S this spring summer is the leather; go to the shop, have a browse around and you will understand why.

Expect the softest leather mixed with the edgy design of jackets and skirts.
Price tag is a bit high but splurge-worthy.

Now, let me say a big Thank You to M&S, first of all for bringing a bit of the glamour of catwalk here in MCR, second of all for offering such wearable, flattering, modern and on trend collections, last but not least, for having me!

A big thank you to my friend Lily, for having me as her plus one for this event, you are a proper babe!


Saturday, 7 March 2015



I cannot believe I have not been on the blog for such a long time but my laptop was in serious troubles that hopefully have been now fixed, so here I am.

Am I the only one that just cannot blog from mobile phone or tablet? I just hate the blogger app with all my heart, it's basically useless.

Today I am coming back with a review I hope will help you enjoying some nice food in a new place in Manchester.

Back in November, a new Pan Asian restaurant, Sakana, opened its doors into the buzzing Deansgate area.

The location itself it's just spot on, St. Peter Street is close to two metrolink stations (Deansgate and St.Peter's Square) and the Great Northern car park is just two minutes walking distance.

The restaurant is quite big and beautifully decorated without looking overdone or worse, tacky.

The entrance is dominated by a massive bar with a menu that I am sure will be much appreciated thanks to an impressive selection of drinks and cocktails.

Me, Perfect Husband and Precious Baby were escorted to our table which was on the side of the main room, nicely quite and cosy, considering how big is the place.

The main figure of the place has to be the massive open kitchen situated just in the middle of the restaurant, where several chefs can be spotted  "working the magic" with a sushi area and tappanaki and robata grills, all surrounded by a seating area.

After browsing around the place to take some pictures, I went back to business concentrating on the menu.

Now, if you want a nice cool place to eat sushi and pan asian cuisine without having to sell a kidney to pay the bill or to end up in a canteen in Chinatown, this is the place you are looking for.

I was impressed by the variety of dishes available and the absolutely reasonable price.

The classic sushi, sashimi, tempura specialities are only some examples of what you can have at Sakana, together with some original recipes cooked express just there in front of you.

I wanted to try few bits so I went for the set menu of 3 dishes, that will cost you a mere £14.50 and after an endless amount of "mmm" and "wait" or "ok this no sorry that", I went for the Futomaki Fish, Vegetable Tempura and Yuzu and Sesame Beef.

All the food we ordered came at the same time, straight to the table from the kitchen as soon at it was ready, as the waiter told us.

5 stars to the presentation of the food: simple, clean, no faffing around, just good food.

The Futomaki Fish consists of 4 pieces of hand made sushi from the Chef's selection.

Hands up, this was my fave. Every single bite melted in my mouth leaving a very delicate taste that can only mean the fish was very fresh and of a premium quality (nothing worse than that cheap sticky chewy sushi you end up eating somewhere else).

What I appreciated most about theTempura, was the lightweight consistency of the batter, it wasn't too greasy and the veggies inside were soft and fragrant without being impregnated with oil.

The Yuzu and Sesame Beef was another pleasant surprise, with chunks of glazed meat soft as butter and the garnish of fresh salad and pine nuts.

I must remember to try pine nuts and fresh salad on the steaks at home, the combo totally worked it.

I ate everything without even sharing with my other half (Joy doesn't share food!!! Cit.) but of course, I had to try what he got.

Perfect Husband, that doesn't really fancy the idea of any kind of raw food, went for the Chicken Wings in Sakana Sauce and  Squid Tempura with a side of Egg fried rice.

The Chicken Wings were the perfect starter, crispy and tender with a very zingy taste.

The Squid Tempura was even better than my vegetable one, the consistency of the batter was soft and fragrant, dry and tasty.

Could this be any better? Yes, it can, enter the dessert list please.

Without any indecision this time, I ordered the Macaroons and Hubby went for the Mango and Vanilla cheesecake.

Together with my tea, a delicious selection of 4 handmade coloured treats made its way to our table, saluted by a collective "aaawwwww".

The taste of these goes beyond any of my abilities to describe something so good.

I eat Laduree's ones quite frequently and believe me, these could win the comparison for me.

My favourite? without a doubt, the pistachio one, with the hazelnut filling.

Last thing I want to talk to you about, regards the staff.

I really have to praise these guys for being so nice, professional, polite and kind with me and my family: my Precious Baby DID NOT SHUT UP FOR ONE SINGLE MINUTE during the whole time we have been there and they have never, ever made me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about the mess he was doing (..and no, they did not know until the end of the lunch I was the invited blogger, if this is what are you thinking about).

So where are we going to have our posh sushi from now on? SAKANA!
And what about our fancy cocktails drinks? SAKANA!
What if we want a cool location for a delicious afternoon tea? I have got your back, SAKANA!

All clear???

Here is the website, for more mouthwatering pictures and reservations.

I hope my laptop behaves so I can talk to you soon.

Bye bye!

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